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Scripts in this category may also be active on other pages

  • Burn Reviews by @Samuel-H and maintained by jonnydark: Adds a widget to the dashboard that quizzes you on random burned items.

  • WaniKani Dashboard Cockpit by rwesterhof Combines half a dozen excellent dashboard scripts into one, adds a smattering of extra features, with a design inspired by a cockpit dashboard

  • Self Study Plus maintained by @Ethan: allows you to review your own vocab WaniKani style, along with other features that I don’t really know about (sorry)

  • Self-study - Quiz Edition with Listening Quiz by @rfindley: New version includes the Quiz feature.

  • Real Numbers by @Mempo: instead of 42+ reviews/ lessons, shows actual number of reviews/lessons

  • Scrollbox by @Samuel-H: “Adds a section on the dashboard that displays scrolling SRS level colour-coded links to WaniKani items and allows toggling for each item type and SRS level.” Screenshots in thread.

    • The script currently does not work. Rincewind released a Fixed Version
  • Level Up Celebrator by gth99: Shows a little message and image when you level up and some other achievements like 1000 burned items, 1000 lifetime enlightened items, etc. The message and picture can be customised, so go crazy.

  • Level Duration 2.0. by @Kumirei: Displays the number of days you have spent on the current level. A more accurate and compact version of the original below.

    • Level Duration Display by gth99: The original Level Duration. Displays number of days since your last level-up.
  • WaniKani: Judgement Day by @Kumirei: Changes the lesson and review numbers’ colors on the dashboard based on how many items you have pending.

  • Turtle Total by gth99: " it shows the total number of turtles that are ‘at or above’ a given tier or ‘at or below’ a given tier." You can choose which.

  • Ultimate Timeline by @rfindley: a review timeline that shows you when your reviews are coming and what items will be in that review, plus lots more other features. Requires WOFW

  • Dashboard Progress Plus by @rfindley: shows your progress through current level radicals and kanji, specifically which SRS level they are and when they will next be reviewed.

  • Language Connection Fridge Magnet Poetry by @hoovard: gives you a set of cards with Japanese words on them that you can drag around to make sentences or phrases. more info in link.

  • Review Count Analysis by @hoovard: shows how many reviews you’ve done in total over your wk career and your overall accuracy percentage.

  • Recent Topics Filter by GangsterOfBoats: “Allows certain boards to be excluded from the ‘Recent Community Chat Topics’ list on the dashboard, so you only see activity from the ones you’re interested in.”

  • Procrastination Annihilation by @Mempo: hides the community centre panel on the dashboard, redirects you to the dashboard if you use a direct link to get into the forums, allows 30 minutes access to forums if you finish 50% of your reviews.

  • Clean Dashboard by @Mempo: user style that hides ‘recent unlocked items’, ‘critical items’ and ‘burned items’ on the dashboard.

  • Golden Burn by @rfindley: for burned items everywhere, turns the black background to gold

  • Remove useless panels by @Kumirei: Removes the panels New Unlocks, Critical Condition Items, Burned Items, Recent Topics, and Wanikani News, from the dashboard.

  • SRS Level Progress by hitechbunny: Adds a breakdown of the number of items in the different SRS levels of Apprentice and Guru, as well as a counter for the number of leeches you have in the SRS levels.

  • Lesson Hover Details by seanblue: Lets you see the lesson breakdown by type (radicals, kanji, vocab) when you hover over the Lessons circle in the menu bar.

  • Expected Daily Reviews by @Kumirei: Calculates the expected daily number of reviews based on the current SRS distribution and adds this info to the dashboard.

  • Burn Manager by @rfindley: Review, resurrect, or retire your burned items, individually or in bulk, using “level” and “item type” criteria.

  • Dashboard Level Progress Detail by hitechbunny, updated by BlazzBolt: provides a comprehensive srs-stage overview of your vocab, radicals, and kanji so you will always see progress on your bars after a lesson or review. An updated version of the script to use WKOF and add a 90% progress marker.

  • Leech Training by hitechbunny: The script will put together a lesson of 10 leeches.

  • SRS Grid Details by @DaisukeJigen: Adds a breakdown of the SRS levels by item type (rad, kan, vocab) for each category on the dashboard.

  • Condensed Progress Bars by @DaisukeJigen: Condenses the progress bars so the 0 and X numbers are inside the bar, and the goal now states the number of kanji needed, instead of 90%.

  • Display lesson/review numbers as categories instead of numbers by Nath: As the name states it changes out numbers for words like “light” and “heavy”.

  • WaniKani Bulk Add Kanji User Synonyms by normful: Automatically adds user synonyms to all your unlocked kanji from WWWJDIC.

  • Woah Burns: by @Kumirei: Adds a Kanna Woah emote to your burn count to boost your ego.

  • WaniKani Dashboard SRS and Leech Breakdown by seanblue : displays SRS breakdown and leech information.

  • WaniKani Dashboard Leech Tables - Notice your leeches by Dani2 : Displays your leeches in tables on your dashboard.

  • WaniKani Item Inspector by prouleau: Displays information about items in tabular form. Four tables are included by default with the possibility of adding tables defined by the user. Includes a leech table.

  • WaniKani Open Framework Additional Filters (Recent Lessons, Leech Training, Related Items, and more) by seanblue: adds additional filters for the WaniKani Open Framework, particularly useful for the Self-Study Quiz and Item Inspector scripts.

  • Wanikani Heatmap by @Kumirei: Adds a heatmap to the dashboard showing which days you have reviewed and how much.

  • Dashboard Vacation Mode: by @Kumirei: Adds a button next to the search field that toggles vacation mode. Just a shortcut.

  • Progress Percentages by @Kumirei: Calculates the percentages of kanji you know in each of the JLPT levels and displays this on the dashboard.

  • Rename SRS Stages by gth99: Customize the names of the SRS stages that are displayed on your dashboard and other WaniKani pages.

  • Levels by SRS by @Kumirei: Displays the highest level at which you have at least 90% of all the level’s item at each SRS level.

  • Lesson Lock by @Kumirei: Displays 0 lessons when you have too much on your plate already. Completely customisable to lock lessons when you have anything between 1 apprentice1 items or a million enlightened items.

  • Critical Review Countdown by cpitman: Adds a “Next Critical Review” time to the dashboard. This is the time that the review for the last radical/kanji that you will need to complete the level becomes available.

  • Levels Overview Plus by razorcat : Improves the level overview popup page to show the SRS breakdown of all items within that level. It alsos add a green checkbox to levels that are 100% burned, and a gray padlock to levels that are 100% locked.

  • Wanikani SRS Item Totals by razorcat : Similar to seanblue’s Wanikani dashboard SRS and leech breakdown userscript but only adds SRS totals and places them below the SRS stage name to be less distracting from the full total.

  • Review Hover Details by @Kumirei: Breaks down your current review count by type, SRS, and level, as well as combinations of all the above.

Reviews & Lessons

Scripts in this category may also be active on other pages

  • Community Mnemonics by @Samuel-H: Adds a section to kanji and vocabulary pages that allows you to submit your own mnemonics or use one created by another member of the WaniKani community.

  • WaniKani Katakana Madness by Luke-Filewalker: transforms all on’yomi readings to katakana, even reviews and lessons need to be answered in katakana.

  • KanjiDamage mnemonics for WaniKani by grenzionky: Displays additional (and often superior) mnemonics for the given kanji.

  • Close but no cigar by @Ethan: Instead of accepting close answers, you need to spell things correctly. It doesn’t mark them wrong outright but rather tells you spelt it wrong and allows you to fix your mistake.

  • KunOn+ maintained by @hoovard: tells you if WaniKani wants the kun reading or the on reading. also available with Japanese prompts instead of English.

  • Hide Mnemonics by nibarius: hides mnemonics.

  • Stroke Order Diagram by looki: Inserts stroke order diagrams from Jisho into kanji pages.

  • Unobtrusive Kanji Stroke Order by atzkey: A minimalist perspective on kanji stroke order diagrams without Jisho dependency.

  • Substitute Audio by nqthqn: if a vocab item doesn’t have audio, it provides languagepod101’s audio instead. however I believe most items have audio now, so this may be obsolete.

  • Reorder Ultimate by xMunch: order your lessons and reviews by level or type of item (radicals/kanji/vocab) in whatever order you wish. very customizable. WARNING: PLEASE USE THIS SCRIPT RESPONSIBLY AS MISUSE WILL RESULT IN A BACKLOG OF REVIEWS AND/OR LESSONS.

  • Newest Reorder Ultimate 2 by rfindley: Its purpose is to give you items in an order that you select, sorted by type (radical, kanji, vocab) and/or level, and optionally grouping reading and meaning together.

  • Sentences by jeshuamorrissey: “Annotates items with a set of sample sentenced taken from Tatoeba” on vocab item pages, and in lessons and reviews.

  • Phonetic Semantic Composition by ruipgpinheiro: “imports a database of over 100 phonetic components with over 400 regular Kanji that use their on’yomi reading onto Wanikani.” a lot of kanji have a component that decides how they’re read, and this script adds that info to the kanji item info page, in reviews, and in lessons.

  • Keisei Semantic-Phonetic Composition by acm: complete rewrite of ruipgpinheiro script, with over 580 phonetic components covering over 1350 kanji. This method helps to infer the reading of compounds, for example if you remember that WK radical circus (冓) is read こう, you get four kanji readings in WK for free 溝, 構, 講, 購, all with On’yomi こう.

  • Part-of-Speech by jeshuamorrissey: adds additional definitions, part of speech, and additional notes to item pages, lessons, and reviews

  • WaniKani Rendaku Information by nonymouse: adds a “Rendaku Information” section to the lessons information for every vocab word, attempting to explain why it does or does not rendaku.

  • Wk font sizer by @Ethan: adjust font size on wanikani.

  • WaniKani SFW by alucardeck: hides most of the styles on the reviews page so it’s not so bright and flashy.

  • Do You Even Kana? by @Ethan: “This script won’t let you submit an answer with an okurigana mismatch.”

  • Similar Kanji by tomboy: on a kanji’s item page, shows visually similar kanji based on component radicals and community opinion.

  • Niai 似合い Visually Similar Kanji by acm: This is a completely new implementation of the script above, and a more full-featured version of Wanikani’s own Visually Similar Kanji section.

  • Wanikani nippongrammar extension by @Ethan: on lessons and reviews, the item you’re being quizzed on will be drawn onto the screen using proper stroke order. click through to see a gif of it in action.

  • Additional resource links Review/Lesson/Info by @hoovard: adds links to the item on alc, goo, and weblio on the lesson, review, and item info pages.

  • Hide Context Sentence Translation by @rfindley: puts a gray box over the English translation of the context sentences on lesson, review, and item pages. translation is revealed by moving your mouse over it.

  • WK Auto Commit by johmik: checks if your answer matches the correct one and automatically submits it, reducing the number of times you need to press enter

  • Lightning Mode by @rfindley: after answering correctly, wk automatically skips to next question. incorrect answers automatically open the info panel.

  • Homophone explorer by @Mempo: Search WaniKani database for homophones for a vocab

  • Order Vocab’s Kanji Breakdown by @Kumirei: Order’s vocabulary words’ kanji breakdown by order of appearance within the word. Example: the breakdown of 交通 is 通 + 交, this changes it to 交 + 通.

  • Auto-focus Notes by @Kumirei: Automatically focuses the textbox when you click “add note”.

  • WaniKani Vocab Beyond by normful: Shows much more vocabulary for each kanji from the WWWJDIC dictionary along with native speaker pronunciation audio clips from the Forvo API.

  • WaniKani JLPT Indicator by NicoleRauch: shows which JLPT level a given vocab or kanji belongs to while learning or reviewing it. USE WITH CAUTION!

  • Advance Context Sentence: by abdullahalt: Highlights gurued kanji and provide audio for WK context sentences.

  • Radical & Kanji Mnemonic and Vocabulary Tooltip by irrelephant: shows information for radicals and kanji in a tooltip during reviews and lessons.

  • KanaMatrix Keyboard by @Ethan: Automatically displays a Kana keyboard for readings on touch-enabled devices.

  • WaniKani More Hotkeys by lake: Adds some hotkeys to the lessons/review page.


Scripts in this category may also be active on other pages

  • Override maintained by @Mempo: Adds an “ignore” button that allows you to mark answers you got wrong as correct. WARNING: PLEASE USE THIS SCRIPT RESPONSIBLY AS MISUSE WILL LEAD TO NOT PROPERLY LEARNING ITEMS.

  • WaniKani Improve by Seiji: lots of little things to make your reviews “faster and smarter”

  • True Result by alucardeck: adds another calculation for the review percentage to the review summary page that is more accurate in alucardeck’s opinion.

  • Super Happy Burn Script by toemat: when you burn an item, confetti will shower down and an audio clip of applause, cheering, and trumpets will play. celebrate your burns! warning: it’s pretty loud

  • Review Order by alucardeck: order your reviews so you do radicals=>kanji=>vocab. WARNING: PLEASE USE THIS SCRIPT RESPONSIBLY AS MISUSE WILL RESULT IN A BACKLOG OF VOCAB REVIEWS.

  • WaniKani SRS Reorder Button by Towe: Reorder reviews by SRS level and by type and much more.

  • WaniKani Review Asc/Desc SRS Order by Mempo: Another script to reorder reviews by SRS and item type, based on the code by pyxzure but with a little extra ease of use added by Mempo and more features.

  • Review Order by SRS level by pyxzure: follow the instructions in the thread and your reviews will not only be ordered by type of item but also SRS level.

  • Don’t Know Button by nibarius: adds a button you can press if you don’t know the answer and it will submit a long string that cannot possibly be correct.

  • Mistake Delay by @rfindley (originally by ruipginheiro): After you get an answer wrong, pressing “enter” will not move onto the next review for two seconds. Prevents skipping to the next item because you automatically pressed enter twice.

  • Double Check by @rfindley: allows you to mark correct answers as incorrect (eg, WaniKani accepted it because it was close enough, but you’re actually wrong), or incorrect answers as correct (eg, in case of a misspelling/typo).

  • ConfusionGuesser by Sinyaven: Guess which WK items you’re confusing when you enter a meaning/reading incorrectly and displays them in a sidebar. Very useful for quashing leeches and direct comparisons between similar items.

  • Quick Info maintained by kobayashi: hide the 考えている icon on info screens in reviews so you can see past it even while it’s loading.

  • Anki Mode maintained by @Mempo: “allows you to display an answer in reviews, and then choose whether you answered it right.”

  • Review Wrong Info Click by Kobayashi: automatically opens the item info if you get an item wrong.

  • Jitai (字体): The font randomizer that fits by obskyr: Jitai automatically sets the font of the radical/kanji/vocabulary to a random Japanese font you have installed. Can’t read it? No problem! Just hover over it with the mouse pointer, and it’ll switch back to the normal font.

  • Review SRS Indicator by @Mempo: user script that adds an indicator for the SRS item of the item you are reviewing

  • Wanikani Wrap-up Button Enhancement by @Mempo: Allows you to customize the amount of reviews you get when you hit the wrap-up button.

  • WK Reviews: The Final Countdown by GangsterOfBoats: adds a time limit to reviews, default 10 seconds per item.

  • Review Feedback Sounds by Jexah: audible feedback for reviews.

  • Egg Timer by horusscope: Adds a timer during reviews and displays the final time afterwards

  • Hide number of reviews left by @Kumirei: Hides the number of remaining reviews and the progress bar during a review session.

  • Wrong of the Day by zdennis: Adds a row to the reviews summary which displays the wrong items you’ve collected over an extended period of time instead of just the most recent review.

  • Wanikani Links by @DaisukeJigen: Adds link to the WK and Jisho page of the item if you click it during a review.

  • Show Specific SRS Level in Reviews by Seanblue: When you finish reviewing an item, you see the green or red popover saying what the new SRS level is. However, it only shows Apprentice or Guru without being more specific. This script changes the popover to show Apprentice 1, Apprentice 2, Apprentice 3, or Apprentice 4 instead of just Apprentice and Guru 1 or Guru 2 instead of just Guru

  • SRS Ranks by saxoncameron: Adds SRS-level indicators for items during review.

  • Wk Voice recognition experiment by @Ethan: shows what chrome voice recognition thinks you said after playing the audio.

  • Markdown Notes by @rfindley: allows you to use HTML in the item notes

  • WaniKani Overlay by @Ethan: Adds tooltips to vocabulary reviews from the component kanji meanings when showing information.

  • Item Marker by polv: Like the one above but maintained.

  • WK context sentence in review by nelemnaru: Show context sentence along with the vocab before answering the review.

  • Pitch Info by Invertex: displays the pitch type for a given vocabulary reading.

  • Fast Abridged Wrong/Multiple Answer by @DaisukeJigen: Shows the sought after information right under the input box after answering, so you don’t have to open the info page.

  • Left Right by @DaisukeJigen: Puts the item info in reviews to be on the right instead of at the bottom.

  • Move Context Sentence To Top by @Kumirei: Moves the context sentence to the top for easy access when opening the full info of a vocabulary item.

  • Hide Review Accuracy by RysingDragon : Removes the thumbs up/accuracy percentage in the top right of the window during review sessions.

  • Burn Bell by @Kumirei: Plays a bell sound when you burn an item in review.

  • Review Search by gth99: quick WaniKani Search of your review answer text. Helpful for figuring out why you got confused and gave the wrong answer!

  • WaniKani Context by OnigiriBoooy: Adds context sentences to your vocabulary reviews!

  • Fast Vocab Breakdown by @Kumirei: Breaks down vocabulary items when answered incorrectly and displays their kanji’s meanings without having to open the more info panel.


Scripts in this category may also be active on other pages

  • Lesson Ordering II by gth99: order your lessons by radicals=>kanji=>vocab or vocab first. WARNING: PLEASE USE THIS SCRIPT RESPONSIBLY AS MISUSE WILL RESULT IN A BACKLOG OF VOCAB LESSONS.

  • Lesson User Synonyms maintained by irrelephant: allows you to add user synonyms during lessons as well as user synonyms and notes to unlearned items’ pages.

  • Lesson Tab Transmutation by @Mempo: allows you to change the order of the tabs in lessons. the default moves the examples tab to right after the radicals tab for kanji lessons

  • Lesson Filter by seanblue: Lets you specify the number of lessons of each type you want to do in a given session.

  • More Kanji Info by DeadlyFugu: Adds school grade, frequency, JLPT level, and pinyin, on kanji lessons.

  • Skip to Quiz by @Kumirei: Enables the quiz button without having to go through any of the lessons.


  • Lesson/Review Count in Forums by @rfindley: In the forums, display the time until your next review, and the number of lessons and reviews currently available.

  • User Tags by @Kumirei: Adds a field beside the username in post, in which you can type to tag a person with any desired text.

  • Spongebob Time Cards by @Kumirei: Changes out the “[number] months later” and similar messages for funny Spongebob time card images.

  • Like Counter by @Kumirei: Adds a counter for how many likes you have left before you run out. Useful if you’re the kind of user who runs out often.

  • Automatically Update The “Latest” Page by @Kumirei: Automatically shows updated threads at the top of the list so that you don’t have to click the banner.

  • Large Image Embedder by @Kumirei: Embeds images which are too big for the forums to embed natively.

  • More Comment Style Buttons by @DaisukeJigen: Adds more styling buttons to the reply box.

  • Hide Users by @Kumirei: Remove unwanted users from the face of the forums with the click of a button.

  • Rainbow Flairs by @Kumirei: Allows you to flare people with a rainbow background for their level badge.

  • Fake Levels by @Kumirei: Changes the level flair on the forums to 42+ for everyone on or above level 42.

  • Lovely Levels by @Kumirei: Display levels 1 and 2 as <3.

  • Blossom Levels by @Kumirei: Changes out the level flair for a blossom. There is a different blossom for each 10-level stage of WK (Pleasant, Painful, and so on).

  • Repair The Bot by @Kumirei: WaniMekani is the only character on the forums without a level flair of some sort, this style fixes that.

  • Easy Mentions by @Kumirei: Adds an @ button to the bottom of each post which appends a mention of the author to your reply.

  • Quote Whole Post by @Kumirei: Adds a button to the bottom of each post. Clicking this button is the same as clicking the button in the reply box. Essentially all it does is click the reply button on the post, wait 100ms, then click the quote whole post button.


  • Kanji Highlighter by looki: on websites with Japanese text, this script highlights kanji based on your WaniKani level, like kanji you already know, kanji you have yet to learn, kanji not taught by WaniKani, etc.

  • NHK Easy Furigana Toggle by kaichi: you can turn on/off the furigana on NHK News Easy

  • DotDotDot Expander maintained by @rfindley: Expands abbreviated English text (e.g. “Undergrou…”) to the full text (“Underground Shopping Mall”).

  • Tab Notifications by bleu: shows number of reviews available on the tab next to the page title. eg, “WaniKani / Dashboard” becomes “(74) reviews are available)”

  • Title Update by NeonPhoenix: similar script, only works on dashboard, changes “WaniKani / Dashboard” to “[Reviews] WaniKani / Dashboard”

  • ALC by looki: “Adds a button that says “” to each WK vocab page in the ‘Go to’ section. […] Clicking it will take you to the ALC usage examples.”

  • Hide WaniKani Answers by absalon: hides item info when looking through a level’s items, also allows you to randomise their order to review. WARNING: MAY INTERFERE WITH SRS. USE WITH CAUTION.

  • Titlebar by jakeoid: Adds the review/lessons count to the titlebar of the webpage.

  • Quick Memory Check by Neese: Creates buttons on the side of the level item lists which let you hide critical information so that you can hover over them to display the info, like flashcards.

  • Info Page Tweaks by @DaisukeJigen: Makes sections collapsible and movable.

  • Item Annotater by jeshuamorrissey: Changes item colour to show SRS of the item. click through for images that explain it better.

  • Item marker by irx11: Mark a radical/kanji/vocab for further ado.

  • Jisho Audio by dboltz03: Adds audio to the Jisho entries which do not currently have audio.

  • SRS Distribution Charts by @Kumirei: Adds three SRS distribution charts to your profile page; one for each type of item (Rad, Kan, Voc).

  • Google Translated Mnemonics: by Zdennis: Auto-translates the mnemonics with google translator. Sometimes they are so comedicly wrong that they stick.

Outdated Scripts
  • Real Times by penx: shows more accurate times on WaniKani, eg for how long ago a forum post was, it will show hours and minutes instead of just hours.

  • Tantei by tomboy: get a complete list of your forum posts easily

  • Random Font by Wind: randomises the font used in reviews.

Joke Scripts
  • Fake Numbers by nibarius: any numbers over 42 will show up as 42+. joke version of WaniKani Real Numbers.

  • Never Wrong by @Ethan: no matter what you type, WaniKani will mark it as correct.

  • Denial Mode by nibarius: makes your dashboard look like you’re level 50 with everything burned. joke script.




  • Old Colour And Texture by tenderwaffles: A userstyle which gives the forums back their old colour and texture.

  • Forum Transparency by @Kumirei: A transparent theme for the forums which can be used with your background image of choice.

  • WakiNaki by Subversity: Turns your cursor into the Crabigator.

  • Breeze Dark by Valeth: WIP. Similar to the Breeze Dark theme for WK.


Browser Applications

Web Applications

  • KaniWani by Tadgh11: Reverse WaniKani. Prompts you with English for the vocab in Japanese. uses SRS and your API key.

    • KaniWani Audio by synecdoche: Userscript for KaniWani. Plays the original audio from WaniKani when you get a review item correct, to help reinforce pronunciation.

    • Anki Mode by @Mempo: Are you using Kaniwani but really really want Anki mode, just like in regular (enhanced) Wanikani? Solved that.

    • Blurred Hints by acm: Adds a heavily blurred version of the expected answer to help figuring out which one of the abundant synonyms is expected.

  • WaniKani to Anki Exporter by dennmart: plug in your API key and it’ll generate a customised Anki deck for you.

  • WaniKani Data by kiko, rehosted by @rfindley: lots of interesting statistics about wanikani and your progress through WaniKani

  • Wallpaper Generator by akranis: generates a wallpaper of your progress on wank ani.

  • WaniKani Statistics by c0n5pir4cy: lots of interesting statistics about WaniKani and your progress through Wan Kani.

  • WaniKani info panel by Nosgoroth: see info about your upcoming reviews.

  • Vocab Recall by serijio: Prompts you with English for the vocab in Japanese.

  • Duendecat by transality: shows you sentences based on your wk level. it’s really pretty too.

  • Kanji Sheets by prawn: Print Kanji practice writing worksheets with or without stroke order.

  • One Kanji A Day by viet: " Displays a random JLPT kanji with relevant information."

  • Google Docs Awesomeness by Raywes88: creates graphs of your WaniKani progress that update regularly at intervals you can choose. note: please make sure to set it up correctly because it will not work otherwise.

  • Self-updating WaniKani Statistics & Data Spreadsheet by konekush: The spreadsheet pulls a lot of your data from the WK API and then calculates it and stores the results in the spreadsheet. It will calculate the items your SRS levels (App, Guru, Master, Enlighten, Burned), your accuracy percentages, how many items you have total and how many are active, how many reviews you have for tomorrow, how much lessons you have left, and what you have left to guru until you reach the next level … and many many more.

  • WaniKani Explorer by ZenBrayn: lots and lots of stats to geek out over.

  • WaniKani Vocab I Know by tomboy: outputs all the vocab on WaniKani you have at level guru or above

  • Shinkoku by dennmart: see all items below 80% accuracy

  • WaniConjugation by nadagio: verb conjugation practice

  • WKConnections by nadagio: a web app version of hoovard’s Language Connection Fridge Magnet Poetry script with some extra features

  • Yet another wallpaper generator by tomboy: take a wild guess :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Kanji no Shukudai by inkjetcanvas: generate and print stroke order lists for your critical items

  • KameSame by @searls: Like KaniWani, a reverse WaniKani. Prompts you to produce actual Japanese with an IME give English prompts. Implements an SRS review queue mirroring WaniKani’s and supports multiple priorities for which lessons to start (as well as adding challenging items to your reviews ad hoc)

  • Wanikani progress screensaver by Tenoch: a classy animated display of your progress running in the browser, that you can use as a screensaver, or a wallpaper generator.

  • Wanikani accuracy and review pacing by Tenoch: a webtool that computes your accuracy per SRS level, and deduces how many reviews you should do per day to keep up with your lessons.

  • The Struggle by timh: Basic WK Review Analysis with a Graph.

  • WaniKani Custom by Oshawk: WaniKani SRS but with custom words and vocabulary.

Out Of Date Applications
  • SushiMasher by delacannon: a multiplayer game to review vocabulary.

Chrome Extensions/Apps

  • WaniKani Companion by lua: adds an icon to Chrome that you can click on to do your reviews and lessons. also, does desktop notification when you have reviews or lessons to do.

  • LIstening Comprehension by ampaze: it will read aloud a vocab word and you need to type in the meaning or the kanji.

  • WaniKanify by chedkid: replaces words on webpages with WaniKani vocab based on your wk level. It doesn’t always work perfectly, but it’s great for getting comfortable seeing kanji.

  • WaniKani Helper by maneKozaru: various useful user scripts all in one extension. features real numbers for reviews and lessons, upcoming reviews timeline, override incorrect answers in reviews, reordering, more info about upcoming reviews.

  • Speech Recognition by ampaze: Instead of typing, speak into your mic to do reviews.

  • LipSurf Speech Recognition by mikob: Dictate your reviews quickly via voice. Optionally spell the letters for hard-for-speech-recognizer words, and kanji – even in kana the same way you would type them.

  • WaniKani Customizer by kiko: several useful features including a review timeline.

  • NHK Easy News furigana toggle by Thaos: turn off the furigana on NHK News Easy

  • WaniKani Recall App by Munksey: Prompts you with English for the vocab in Japanese.

  • WaniKani Review Notifier by Keavon: adds a little icon to the omnibar is you have reviews to do

  • WaniKani Notifier Redux by IAmKale: adds an icon on chrome that lets you know when you have reviews.

Firefox Extensions

Safari Extensions

Computer Applications

Windows Apps

  • Wallpaper Generator by akranis: generates a wallpaper of your progress on WaniKani.

  • Houhou by Doublevil: a dictionary and SRS program. And much more.

  • Sentencegator by tepmex: generates sentences based on your wanikani level.

  • Geektool scripts by konnyaku: some scripts to display WaniKani info right on your desktop.

  • WaniKani Progress Visualization by c0n5pir4cy: generates a video showing your progress through WaniKani.

  • Rainmeter plugin by jakeoid: A rainmeter plugin that is a port of a übersicht plugin displaying statistics on your desktop.

Linux Apps

Mac Apps

  • WaniKani Progress Screensaver by MangoTree: generates a screensaver that shows your progress through the kanji on WaniKani

  • Geektool scripts by konnyaku: some scripts to display WaniKani info right on your desktop.

  • wanikani2anki by neigeru: “Import unlocked Kanji and Vocab from WaniKani to a deck in desktop Anki 2.0.x.”

  • Übersicht widget by weslly: allows you to display your WaniKani stats on your desktop

  • Übersicht widget v2 by jakeoid: an übersicht plugin that shows Wanikani statistics on your desktop.

  • Bitbar Wanikani by jakeoid: Shows some basic information from WaniKani in your menubar, including reviews, lessons, item stats, etc.

Mobile Applications

Android Apps

  • Flaming Durtles by ejplugge: A native Android app based on API V2 that features lessons and reviews, synonym and note modification, a searchable radical/Kanji/vocabulary database, a 24h review timeline, and full offline support. WARNING: MAY INTERFERE WITH SRS.

  • WaniKani at Android Speed by nfinite: “A term is displayed and you must choose the corresponding answer within a time limit. The more consecutive answers you get right, the shorter the time limit becomes.” WARNING: MAY INTERFERE WITH SRS. DEVELOPER RECOMMENDS USING IT WITH BURNED ITEMS ONLY

  • Leap for WaniKani by vrickey: An open-source app with three main features: a Dashboard that syncs your current WaniKani lessons and reviews status to your device, push notifications if you have pending lessons or reviews in your queue, and in-app web lessons and reviews.

  • WaniKani Mobile by s84606: although it’s no longer being updated, this app has tons of great features.

  • WaniKani for Android by xip: a very pretty app with lots of great features, if the look of WaniKani mobile displeases you.

IOS Apps

  • Mobile AlliCrab by cplaverty: No longer being updated, but features in-app reviews and lessons using an embedded web browser, ignore button, review timeline, notifications when reviews are available, 1Password support, “today” widget.

  • WaniKani for iOS by haawa: iOS app. No longer being updated, but features in-app reviews and lessons, lightning mode, ignore button, notifications when reviews are available, in-app browser, and lots more

  • Tsurukame for iOS by davidsansome: Native app allowing offline reviews, and equivalents of many essential userscripts

Pebble Watch Apps

  • WaniKani Tokei Tokei Watchface by Darkenvy: WaniKani on your Pebble watch! You can’t do reviews or lessons, but there are multiple modes that vary from showing how many lessons and reviews you have to show you words with less than 70% accuracy rating so you can get them out of that critical items list.

  • Wani-kani tabi-tabi by jrmobley: shows your reviews to your timeline

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Not a bad start, I think you should add Wanikanify and the Stroke Order Script to the list.

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You’ve got a type dennmary should be dennmart

I also made this one: Scrollbox. It may be intensive but I think a lot of people would find it useful.

i’ll add them in. right now i’m basically just going through all the threads in the “list of api and third party apps” section and adding everything i see, i’ll get to them both eventually. thank you for the recommendations though!

thank you, i didn’t realize. i’m not on my usual computer so i’ve been making a lot of typos, and i must have missed that one when i was proofreading. thank you!

i’ll add it in soon, probably in this update or the next one. it’s easier to keep track of stuff if i just go through the entire section on the forums thread by thread, so i’ll stick to that method for now. thank you :slight_smile:

For the Android, don’t forget the discontinued but feature-rich WaniKani Mobile and the redder WaniKani Android apps.

Since you are adding community works under “Additional Content,” add BreadstickNinja’s 930+ kana-only words available on Anki and Excel from the second reply of this thread.

That’s all I can think of that aren’t already in the list in the OP.  Great work so far!

You accidentally put the wrong link for the Listening Comprehension Chrome extension. It goes to the Review Order userscript page, not Listening Comprehension!

Also, thanks for this updated list! :slight_smile:

Another web application that you might want to add is WaniKani Stats, which is similar to Kiko’s site, but a little more streamlined (and prettier, if you ask me).

Thanks for putting all these together.

pushindawood said... Another web application that you might want to add is WaniKani Stats, which is similar to Kiko's site, but a little more streamlined (and prettier, if you ask me).
 Is it just me or is that page not working?
BFBullpup said... Is it just me or is that page not working?
 Working fine for me.  The "Progress" tab takes ages to load for me (probably because of my level), but other than that, it's all dandy.

added all three, thank you

thank you, i didn’t realize. fixed.


I don’t know if it applies but you can put my Wan-ki template up.

You should add duendecat in web apps.

And be loyal by adding Viet’s One Kanji a Day.

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pushindawood said...
BFBullpup said... Is it just me or is that page not working?
 Working fine for me.  The "Progress" tab takes ages to load for me (probably because of my level), but other than that, it's all dandy.
 I just tried it on Opera instead of my usual Chrome browser and it worked perfectly.  Thanks for setting me straight.  I have a question of my own but will post it in the correct thread so I don't hijack this one.

Timeline:  Places a timeline for upcoming reviews on the dashboard screen.  This is a standalone version for people who don’t want to run the WK Customizer.  It also has some improvements over that version.  (It takes a few seconds to load, depending on WK server speed.)

DotDotDot Expander:  Replaces truncated English answers with full text on certain screens (e.g. “Annual Rev…”  --> “Annual Revenue”).

Level Duration: Shows the number of days since your last level-up. (You have to level up once before script shows anything).

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rfindley said... Timeline:  Places a timeline for upcoming reviews on the dashboard screen.  This is a standalone version for people who don't want to run the WK Customizer.  It also has some improvements over that version.  (It takes a few seconds to load, depending on WK server speed.)

DotDotDot Expander:  Replaces truncated English answers with full text on certain screens (e.g. "Annual Rev..."  --> "Annual Revenue").

Level Duration: Shows the number of days since your last level-up. (You have to level up once before script shows anything).
 For Timeline I looked at the code and I don't feel confident it prevents the issues of timeout from the other version which make it unusable after level 40 unless both your connection and WK are in a good mood.
meneldal said...
 For Timeline I looked at the code and I don't feel confident it prevents the issues of timeout from the other version which make it unusable after level 40 unless both your connection and WK are in a good mood.
 Good to know... I hadn't heard of that issue.  I'm working on a highly improved version anyway, so maybe I'll re-mention it here when it's done.  I'm integrating it with a bigger data framework that caches lots of data to eliminate the vast majority of API calls that various scripts require.
rfindley said...
DotDotDot Expander:  Replaces truncated English answers with full text on certain screens (e.g. "Annual Rev..."  --> "Annual Revenue").

Level Duration: Shows the number of days since your last level-up. (You have to level up once before script shows anything).
 Links to WK forum threads:   DotDotDot and Level Duration.

Great list Shotgunlagoon

Thanks for all the work putting it together

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rfindley said... Good to know... I hadn't heard of that issue.  I'm working on a highly improved version anyway, so maybe I'll re-mention it here when it's done.  I'm integrating it with a bigger data framework that caches lots of data to eliminate the vast majority of API calls that various scripts require.
 Can you link to the thread that has the code base for this?
(I'm assuming you are sharing it...)
I dont want to hijack this thread.