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I have an actual question though

who uses われ?as in “I/me”.
I see it sometimes in manga and am not really sure what position the people are in that say it.
我々(われわれ)is also used to mean “we”, and I think it is more common
I quite like, and want to use, both of these forms, but don’t know if it will sound weird if I did…

You will sound weird if you use われ, and unless it’s a formal situation I think われわれ will also sound a bit strange, when compared to something like 私たち.

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that’s a pity haha
thanks :slight_smile:

I just want to add to the IME front…
“thi” = てぃ
seriously mind blown, i’ve been typing texi this whole time, wasting a character like a chump!!!

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Yes, I saw the problem… I use to use Wanikani in the subway with my android phone, and you know the automatical correction… It adds a capital for the first letter, that was my problem. Thank you for the additional information tho !


Hello, quick question: What is a userscript?

A userscript is a script (as in javascript script) provided by third-party users. It is based on a browser add-on like Tampermonkey.

In a userscript there is a list of websites it can modify (for example*). When you visit a page from that site the script is executed. The userscript can access many things on the webpage like URL, content, and can also change the page you are looking at. This way you can automatically change the pages in a certain way. A very simple script could change the background color or the page title. Many userscripts for wanikani add new functionality to WKs pages that are not provided by WK itself, like ignoring wrong answers or displaying additional information.

You can check the available scripts here:

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I’m just starting to use HouHou for the first time for vocab outside of WK and I’m kind of confused as to what the “tags” are for on an item? Can anyone please explain?

You can tag them however you wish, to make your own groups of vocabulary - that is how I understand it, at least. I have tags for words (and kanji) I’ve specifically looked up from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, for instance.

Probably to search for just those/modify them easier.

Oh ok, so it’s more for organization of my items. That makes sense. Thanks!

I had a quick question about the way the review/quiz system ‘grades’ you and if there were some inconsistencies. For example; I was told I had answered the one radical wrong for the reading “Ground” but it turns out that I had just missed the capitalization, entering “ground” instead. Should capitalization actually matter in these situations…? For what it’s worth, I added a synonym with the lower-cased spelling, but it doesn’t appear to have done anything in the reviews.

Capitalization has no effect on the input for meanings, so I’m not sure what actually happened. Take a screen of the actual input screen next time?

Also you obviously eventually got credited for the right answer at some point if it’s out of your review queue. What did you input then?

I had entered “ground”, and it had graded me as wrong. The same radical showed up again in the latest review, and I spelled it without capitalization - it seemed to have worked out this time around. Still confusing as to what would have triggered a wrong reading, however.

He hasn’t unlocked kanji yet.

How would you know? I’m pretty sure the “joined” datum on the forum is the first time you logged into the forum, not your start in WK.

He only has 26 apprentice items and nothing else. Just check his profile page.

Magic, I know.

Ahhh I see, my bad, just deleted the post.
It gave me the opportunity to learn how to access profiles of other users :blush:

thank you. I will read it all and comment when I’m a little bit more familiar with everything.

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You’ve already helped just by explaining the つ :heart_eyes:
I’ve been studying Japanese for three years but I never quite got that right haha~
I’m new to WaniKani, and I’m excited to finally get a handle on some kanji! :slight_smile: I’m so happy to know there’s a community I can turn to work questions. :slight_smile:

Hey :slight_smile: I don’t have a question but I’m excited to try wanikani. I’ve got a japanese final exam in a week, and I’m starting to stress over some of the kanji that I can’t remember.

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Hey! How many times must I review something to become a guru?