Setting up a schedule w/ other priorities in the way

Speed aside, hitting the intervals really only matters for idiots like me that struggle with new items early on. There are some people here who are fine just doing things once a day. Don’t stress it.

There is a secret trick in that there are some awesome 3rd party mobile apps hidden away in the forums. They’re at the bottom of the first post in this thread. So if that morning commute is on public transit you could always do mobile lessons/reviews at that time and even without internet access if your app supports it.

Also WK is easier on an X lessons/day schedule, probably between 10-20. I’ve seen a few who do big batches, but I think most people do not as their levels increase. With a reorder script or the right settings on the app it’s relatively easy to just slide in a short 20ish item review session in a couple minutes after lunch. You don’t have to do all of your reviews as soon as possible, but try to get them done daily.