Wanikani screenshots 📸

Woohoo!! Just got my first burns today, and damn it feels good :partying_face:

I was waiting anxiously for them since level 11, I guess I must be on the slow side of WK…

Speaking of slow, level 12 is my slowest level until now… guess they’re not called ‘painful’ for nothing. But I feel like if I force my pace I might burn out, so I’m just taking it easy, one lesson at a time.
I think I’ll level up soon, hopefully I’ll get faster again on the next level - may the Crabigator be with me :crabigator::muscle:


it feels good to be a gangster…


You’re doing great! Don’t worry about seeming slower compared to others. It’s not a race, and the end goal is not to just reach 60 but to actually burn everything. I also take lessons slowly which helps me to actually retain well and keep a high accuracy. 頑張ろう!


Oh thank you for your kind words @tibor!
I’m sure you are right and I try not to rush, but because I received a mail from WK after level 10 telling me I woud start to burn stuff soon, I couldn’t help but feel a bit pressured :sweat_smile:
Also I finaly leveled up yesterday, so I feel a bit better about myself now :upside_down_face:
Level 12 took me more than 30 days (my usual pace was around 10-15 days), but I guess I will encounter other slumps where I will just need to be patient and consistent. I hope my next burns will go well :fire:
Again, thank you for your encouragement, it’s nice to feel supported :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Wish you a good journey with WK! 頑張りましょう!!


I’m new here. Where can I find the review timeline?

It’s the third-party script “Ultimate Timeline”. You can find a list of useful scripts here:
The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

Hey @Ducklingscap! You should check this thread I think :wink:

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Oh giz


:raised_hands: :raised_hands:


i ended up falling off the recovery and now i need to re-recover
that backlog is really really annoying but it’s also not realistic to do new lessons when i now have 250 apprentice
i just need to be consistent for like a week and then finally get back to however many lessons i used to do a day… 15 or something

it’s been like four months since i’ve done a lesson and it hurts


your percentage is still pretty good though!

Finally got this batch right.


I’ve been using the Flaming Durtles app which doesn’t refresh the summary page, so I’ve been trying to see just how many I can do before I have to actually use the website again :joy:

Also my battery was at 42% when I took these :eyes:


Amazing landmark for me …

First time, probably since starting, that I have had 0 in Apprentice. The double fail on near burns has been dragging me down for a while.


Let’s just hope it stays that way! (Until WK decides to add new items, of course)

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This is absolutely fantastic :joy: I knew the reading was めいし, but I translated that as “business card” in my mind, which has the same reading as “noun”.

And this happened only because I learned “business card” in the last week or two, and haven’t seen “noun” in a veeery long time… :clap::clap:


@supersnoopy leveled up so my Leaderboard got sorted in pretty satisfying categories.

Please no one level up from now on thanks a bunch


Give me your credit cart number and expiration date and I’ll think about it


Is a simple one-time transac(a)tion also ok?


Hey, I’m on there! Nice!

(plan to level up within a week, though, Sorry)Though it seems that won’t affect the order, so Not Sorry

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