Rearrange the lessons

Yes, it is possible to do this! One option is to install the lesson filter userscript on your computer (this is what I use). There are also other scripts that you can use to reorder your lessons, but I haven’t tried any of the others. Here’s a long list of userscripts that people in the community have made.

However, do keep in mind that if you prioritize the radicals and kanji over the vocabulary, it’s very important to still get the vocab lessons done in a fairly timely manner and don’t put them off for several levels (or never). Reorder scripts can give you the power to technically reach level 60 while skipping all of the vocab, but it’s very important not to do this, because the vocab lessons teach other readings of the kanji that you don’t get with the kanji lessons alone. So if you do start reordering your lessons, make sure you’re doing so responsibly, or you could create a lot of trouble for yourself down the line.

My strategy is to use the lesson filter script to spread out my kanji lessons so that I’m doing three of them a day alongside ten vocab lessons, which keeps things nice and balanced and ensures that I don’t get too ahead with the kanji. I’ve found that I learn the kanji better if I don’t do all of my kanji lessons in big batches.