Guru increasing, too much?

we also call them “Rentner-Porsche” in german.

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So now you know what you are against, I tuned mine up and added chrome mirrors and oiled the wheels!


ready, set, go!


Any tool to know how many do you have in Apprentice 1,2,3,4… etc?

My count still looks bad, but I have the feeling most of them are Apprentice 4

Apprentice: 160
Guru: 668
Master: 697
Enlightened: 338

i’m using “wanikani dashboard progress plus”. it’s a script, you need tampermonkey to run it. the forum thread should have instructions (it’s easier than it sounds).


I found Wanikani SRS Grid. Not sure if it’s the one you are referring to, but it works for me.

I can see I have:

A1: 0
A2: 5
A3: 57
A4: 102

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does the same thing i guess :slight_smile: mine looks like this:

Mine like this. It might have multiple Scripts

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looks good :slight_smile: and helps when estimating the number of upcoming reviews, so you can time your lessons better

I spent the last month in apprentice hell with 350+…I think I had a lot of guru items that boomeranged right back at me along with an uncooperative life schedule. I was finally able to go back to lessons so anything around ~150 feels much better and I can actually put more time into other studies. The guru number can be deceiving as there is always a mix of kickbacks and ready to master entries (that ratio will eventually be revealed).


I think it would be okay to try shifting to 5-10 lessons per day and seeing how you do with that. It’s a reasonable number that shouldn’t significantly increase your workload, and I think you can still decrease your Guru count if you’re working on your leeches at the same time. It seems like what happened before is that you were doing lessons at a higher rate, and now your lingering leeches from that period of time are lurking around your Guru section. But I think consistency is the most important thing here - a smaller, more consistent number of lessons daily, rather than doing massive batches.


I think doing a few more lessons for a higher apprentice count is not a bad idea at this point, especially if you’re bored with your current pace. Maybe you could look at how many guru items you get to master each day and do a similar lesson count, or slightly less if you want to slowly reduce the number of Guru items.

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a little late. mine looks like this.


@felix330 @SleepyOne 分かった。ありがとうございました。(m;_ _)m

It’s been almost a week… and I have level up! My best week actually! 6days and 23h

Don’t be afraid of the reviews, embrace them!

My numbers right now:

Apprentice went down by 28
Guru went up by 103
Master went down by 33
Enlightened went up by 131


i like those guru and master totals! 777 and 666 respectively :four_leaf_clover::smiling_imp:

Can you link me the script?

Edit: This is how I’m doing:

Though, it’s much better than it used to be. I took 9.5 instead of the usual 7 days for lvl 6 and that halved my App numbers. Gurus are fairly high, but until it stops me, I’m gonna keep going :grin:

  1. List of extensions

  2. Self-study quiz

  3. Leech filter for self-study quiz

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hello darkness


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