Is it weird how excited and nervous I am to have become a lifer?

Well, I wouldn’t say it’s weird. When I became a lifer - I too was very excited and nervous :sweat_smile:
Now, it’s been more than 4 years since then and I don’t regret that decision. If I hadn’t become a lifer, I would have probably had to abandon WK the first time I stumbled, an I do stumble from time to time :sweat_smile:


Thank you for the warm welcome, ギャビンさん! Good for you for picking up your studies again – hopefully what you learned back in school will come back to you as you go through the levels! Thank you for the great tips and for the link to the Guide. I will read through it! I’ve downloaded a few scripts, but it was a bit overwhelming which ones to use so I’ll have to look at them again. Do you have any favourites or recommendations?

I highly recommend visiting Japan if and when you get the chance to. I love love love it there and can’t wait to go back again! :smile:

And yes, I’ve never met a girl who isn’t thrilled to discover that the dress she’s wearing has pockets! :grin:

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Thank you! Good for you for going at it again! We can work our way up the ranks together. I definitely need accountability and community to keep me motivated :sweat_smile:

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三年間半ぐらい日本語を勉強しています。もうワニカニのレベル60になりましたけど、たくさんの言葉を忘れちゃってリセットしました(笑) それだから、ライフタイムを買いました!

(Nice to meet you! I’m Maddie! I’ve been studying Japanese for about three and a half years. I’ve already gotten to level 60 on Wanikani, but I forgot a lot of words and resetted. That’s why I bought lifetime! I’ve been to Japan also, and I loved it! I want to move there.
Also, if you want a study buddy, let me know!)


Your Japanese is pretty good! :slight_smile:
If you don’t mind tho, just a few corrections:

Since you’re doing it everyday, I think it’s more natural to say 勉強していて here. Also, using を sounds like you’re studying Wanikani itself, not using it for studying (you’d use で for that)

Same thing as above, but honestly I’m not 100% sure because to me “studying the textbook” makes sense, although it has a bit of a different nuance in my opinion. I would just use で instead of を to be safe, but again that’s just me.

(My Japanese isn’t perfect either so there’s a chance my corrections might be wrong(笑) if you see a mistake feel free to lmk)


Hi Maddie! Nice to meet you! Thank you for the warm welcome :smile: Wow, that’s awesome that you’ve already reached level 60. May I please ask how long it took for you to get to that level? And yes, that was one of the reasons I took the plunge for lifetime: I imagined I might forget a lot of things at some point so it’s nice to have the option of going back to it and refreshing my memory if I want to. Haha yes!! I’d love to move to Japan or spend an extended time there at some point – hence the Japanese learning!

Took me about a year and a half, I took some time to level up in the beginning but after I figured out what I was doing, I would level up maybe every 10 days. Don’t feel pressured to go at anyone else’s pace tho!
Also I’d love to ask you more about your trip to Japan, but I don’t want to spam this thread :sweat_smile:

By the way, you’ll see less radicals after level 14 or so. Something to look forward to, maybe?


Wow that seems really fast! I started off levels 1-3 really strong but lately, I’ve been struggling a bit to fit WK into my daily routine in a way that makes the best use of the SRS system. Still trying to find a good rhythm :sweat_smile:

Oh I love talking about Japan and Japan travel haha, but yes, totally get not wanting to spam :laughing:

Thanks for the head’s up about level 14! Though, at level 4, I still feel it’s sooo far off haha.

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I would be more nervous if I were not a lifer.


Thank you for all of the pointers! :slight_smile: Definitely got a ways to go, but that will help out! I was doing my Jalup cards today and hit the Te form + います pattern and was like, “Dang… I could’ve used this a couple days ago”. I do get your point about で though, as I am studying Japanese at the WaniKani site. Never thought about it that way but I do see the logic. :slight_smile:

As for script recommendations, the ones that have been the most helpful in a functional sense are:

Wanikani Heatmap - Adds a really attractive looking heatmap that displays your review/lesson history as well as all of your upcoming reviews. I find this one a motivation booster, and it’s also good to see those burn reviews slowly approaching. :sweat_smile:

Wanikani Lesson Filter - This script lets you do lessons out of order (Don’t skip the Vocab!) but it can be a good tool if used properly. This is my general setup with it:

Lesson Schedule

Self-Study Quiz - Lets you study and quiz yourself on items, without affecting the SRS intervals. Main thing I use it for is reviewing Leeches. (You need to install the additional filters script also on the page to get leech training.)

ConfusionGuesser - When you get a review wrong, it will try and guess what WK items you confused the review with and display them on the screen. Very useful with similar words, or ones with weird On/Kun combinations.

Progress Percentages - Another motivation booster. Shows info similar to wkstats, but shows it on your dashboard! (Shows % of Kanji learned sorted by JLPT Level, Grade Level, Frequency, and then sites like NHK, Twitter, etc.)

And finally, Double-Check - Basically, if you get a review wrong, you can hit the undo button and try again. Great for typos, but not so great when you are close and go “Oh, I definitely knew that”. Except you didn’t. :slight_smile: Use with caution! (It is really great for those typos though.)

There are plenty of other scripts like the Leaderboard script (Check out this thread. Leaderboard/motivation group) and others that do random things. Jitai’s Font randomizer, 100% Review Fanfare, Pitch Accent indicators, Dashboard Progress+, Dashboard Cockpit… Just have a look at the Master List and see what looks appealing. :smiley:


Oh my goodness, thank you so much for such a thorough and detailed response! This is awesome. I will look into these. I also read through the WaniKani Ultimate Guide as you suggested and it was super helpful. Thank you! :smile:

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I felt the same way signing of for lifer!

Made me feel like I was comiting to it full time without focusing on just speeding it to pay less :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I love your username!
Dresses with pockets are amazing!


I was just popping in to say the exact same thing (I’ve even learned to sew so that I can make garments with as many hand-sized, actually-usable pockets as I want)


Glad I’m not the only one that felt that way! :sweat_smile: Agreed! I think if I had gone for a monthly or annual route, I would have felt a lot of pressure to do it really fast rather than go at my own pace.

Oh and thank you so much about my username. Dresses with pockets are the best! :heart:


Thank you! And that’s awesome that you can sew and make your own pockets – custom pockets, no less :grin::clap:



I also made the lifetime crabigator commitment recently and feel the exact same way haha. It truly is very exciting. And the community here is just fantastic, I’m so glad to be a part of it. Looks like we’re around the same level so I’ll definitely see you around! Let’s crush those levels :grin:


Hooray!! Welcome and congratulations!! It’s been a few weeks now of Lifetime for me and so many times I’ve found myself thinking: I’m really glad I got it! Yesss, looking forward to working up the level ladders alongside you! :grinning:


I myself put off subscribing for a whole year because i knew i was going to be in it for the long run. I had to wait for the winter sale.


Personally (and this is me, so please don’t take it as a negative reaction) I regretted becoming a lifer. Before that I was doing WK very religiously and on a good pace, but after I became a lifetime subscriber I felt I had all the time I wanted. Combined with other things in my life that needed more attention, I convinced myself that slowing down on the japanese learning was not that bad, and having a lifetime subscription made me accept the decision much more easily. So I do have some regrets now, but got back into japanese a few weeks ago and hopefully you’ll see me around until the end this time.


Thanks for sharing. That makes sense and I heard some others had similar experiences – where having lifetime removed some urgency to do it more consistently. Glad to hear you’re back at it and are planning to stick with it! Hopefully, you’ll get to a point where you’re happy you did lifetime :slight_smile: