Is it weird how excited and nervous I am to have become a lifer?

Thank you for all of the pointers! :slight_smile: Definitely got a ways to go, but that will help out! I was doing my Jalup cards today and hit the Te form + います pattern and was like, “Dang… I could’ve used this a couple days ago”. I do get your point about で though, as I am studying Japanese at the WaniKani site. Never thought about it that way but I do see the logic. :slight_smile:

As for script recommendations, the ones that have been the most helpful in a functional sense are:

Wanikani Heatmap - Adds a really attractive looking heatmap that displays your review/lesson history as well as all of your upcoming reviews. I find this one a motivation booster, and it’s also good to see those burn reviews slowly approaching. :sweat_smile:

Wanikani Lesson Filter - This script lets you do lessons out of order (Don’t skip the Vocab!) but it can be a good tool if used properly. This is my general setup with it:

Lesson Schedule

Self-Study Quiz - Lets you study and quiz yourself on items, without affecting the SRS intervals. Main thing I use it for is reviewing Leeches. (You need to install the additional filters script also on the page to get leech training.)

ConfusionGuesser - When you get a review wrong, it will try and guess what WK items you confused the review with and display them on the screen. Very useful with similar words, or ones with weird On/Kun combinations.

Progress Percentages - Another motivation booster. Shows info similar to wkstats, but shows it on your dashboard! (Shows % of Kanji learned sorted by JLPT Level, Grade Level, Frequency, and then sites like NHK, Twitter, etc.)

And finally, Double-Check - Basically, if you get a review wrong, you can hit the undo button and try again. Great for typos, but not so great when you are close and go “Oh, I definitely knew that”. Except you didn’t. :slight_smile: Use with caution! (It is really great for those typos though.)

There are plenty of other scripts like the Leaderboard script (Check out this thread. Leaderboard/motivation group) and others that do random things. Jitai’s Font randomizer, 100% Review Fanfare, Pitch Accent indicators, Dashboard Progress+, Dashboard Cockpit… Just have a look at the Master List and see what looks appealing. :smiley: