Making no progress on level 3 but getting reviews mostly correct

Have you already started burning? If so, that’s your next phase. Then it’s the temptation of level 26 being a fast level. Then, it’s the weird words between 38-40. After that, it’s the desire of going crazy in the fast levels (46,47, 49-60). Finally, it’s the realization that just because you’re lvl 60, it doesn’t mean that reviews will stop coming. Cabrigator will always be there to make you suffer bless you with his wisdom.


It’s an old chart I found on the forums last year (from someone else who also didn’t have an original source) that doesn’t cover level 51-60 and it predates the speedup for levels 1 and 2.

Really, it’s just a good visual to back up the “your free time is forfeit” claims we often make to newbies who then continue to not believe us.

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Yes, thanks for the pep talk. I’m still looking forward to all those things. And cake.

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Speed still matters because it would be possible to go more slowly and thus burn things earlier, reducing the total number of items you have to be prepared to review at any given time (the Y-axis peak).




Good point.

The bars only move when you get guru on Kanji and Radicals. Also, if you answered right on an entry but then you answered wrong the following time your level lowers.

Those bars are for guru progress. After several apprentice, guru level is achieved and bars will light up. Also grammar from lower levels will keep you busy so it will take some time to guru new radicals. Be patient, I advise.

Or speed could actually increase the numbers that you have at any given time, since you’re going faster. We could say that someone that lvls up every 7 days will have twice as many items as those going after 14 days levels.

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@Caracal is level 60 and @TamanegiNoKame calls her Cake…


Except level 3 is also free, so you shouldn’t have to pay to see the normal level time.
I hope/assume you’re joking, so read this with a sarcastic tone pls

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You’ll reach level 60 but not be finished, unless you don’t intend on burning all of your items.

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I honestly don’t know how you’re keeping up with the levelling and learning enough grammar to go for N3/N2.


Yeah, I meant finishing WK as reaching lvl 60. I’ll stay longer than that though :slight_smile: Actually, I’ll have my subscription renewed 3 days before reaching lvl 60 xD So 仕方がないんだ xD

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I’m noot! That’s the best part!!! I’ll never reach my goal, so I’ll never stop :joy::joy::joy:

Oh, and I feel that grammar is not the biggest problem, since I’m already pretty hardcore with it. The biggest problem will be with reading. I’ll have to spend this Summer reading stuff in Japanese.

I know you meant that, but people who are just starting don’t know. That’s why I called it out. (Don’t hate me…:sweat_smile:)


How could I ever hate you… you’re always ready to help mate :heart:


I’d recommend getting the “Wanikani SRS level progress” script. It can be found in this topic: The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

That way you can see the progress of individual items every time you review :). Because without that script your progress bar only goes up once you fully complete an item, and that can be demotivating because it looks like you’re doing nothing.

Also, if you’re going to be here for a year, you could try out being a little nicer towards the Crabigator. Calling him a scam artist does not end well usually.


Regardless of whether you’re ready for the tests, just being hardcore in the first place is enough!

And yeah, I’ve barely read in the past couple months. :frowning: I’m just focusing on WK while I’m overseas, but this summer once I’m back will definitely be grammar (and iKnow, which will hopefully go relatively fast after all the Wanikani vocab) time. I’m hoping that’ll make a big difference in listening too but will see.

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