Anyone else get really frustrated by the wait times between lessons?

Well if it’s for science then I have to tell you immediately

I use these (descriptions copied from here):

  1. WaniKani Override by ruipgpinheiro: Adds an “ignore” button that allows you to mark answers you got wrong as correct.

  2. WaniKani Reorder Ultimate by xMunch: order your lessons and reviews by level or type of item (radicals/kanji/vocab) in whatever order you wish. very customizable.

  3. WaniKani Mistake Delay by ruipgpinheiro: After you get an answer wrong, pressing “enter” will not move onto the next review for one second. Prevents skipping to the next item because you automatically pressed enter twice.

  4. WaniKani Ultimate Timeline by rfindley: a review timeline that shows you when your reviews are coming and what items will be in that review, plus lots more other features.

Use them with caution lol