Level 60! I'm so happy

Oh gaaaahd, I noticed your avatar just now :joy: Certainly you are, hahaha!



I should have guessed because of your index of unlocked items per day in the japanese classroom

Congrats on level 60! Hope to catch up with you sometime soon!!

Enjoy your new acquired super power


Conglaturashon! The consistency is admirable

This is incredibly impressive… is there anyone who knows how to install the Ultimate Reorder Script and would be willing to provide the exact steps below?? :smiley

If you could that would be extraordinary! Many thanks!!!

Well, I found something called Recorder Ultimate here The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps but it says " Reorder Ultimate by xMunch: order your lessons and reviews by level or type of item (radicals/kanji/vocab) in whatever order you wish. very customizable. WARNING: PLEASE USE THIS SCRIPT RESPONSIBLY AS MISUSE WILL RESULT IN A BACKLOG OF REVIEWS AND/OR LESSONS. " so I’m too intimidated to use it

Your times and accuracy are insane. Congratulations!


I just new here.
I download a script from this link.

Can you guys tell me how to install or using a script ?
(I using Chrome)
Thank you !

You’ll need to follow the instructions listed here to properly install it: [Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline

Usage instructions are also there.


Wow congratulations!


please pardon my atrocious gif editing skills xD i think im having more fun than i should making these XDD i should probably get back to my reviews now…


Very impressive!

Have you tried any of the JLPT exams? Now you’re level 60, do you think you can pass N2 (even though you said your grammar is approx N3)

I would say that if I study my grammar a bit and read a bit more for a little while like I should’ve I can easily kick N2 out of the park, yes.

That is an awesome gif! Thanks :laughing:

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thank you!

Congratulations, that’s really impressive! I’m at the start of the process now but hope I can get to where you are with similar accuracy and speed :blush:

Wow, this is really impressive and motivating, congratulations on getting there so fast ! :smiley:

Congratz! That was some amazing speed.

Such dedication! Congratulations.

Meanwhile I only have 5 levels left but…
Even last 10 levels (which are supposed to be achieved by only 4~5 days per level) are so effin’ slow…
I’m trying so hard to stick with proper timeline to work on all reviews, only ended up in vain.

Wish I could reach 60 already T_T