Why doesn't it display the actual amount of review items?

Hey, you’ve reach lvl 25! You know how to be pation and persistent. I understand that the lack of progress is disheartening but you just need to keep calm and push through. It might take a week or more but keep it up! 頑張ってね!

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Doesn’t it limit the number of incomplete reviews to 10? So you’d have 510 reviews left max if you got everything right

or you could get everything wrong and have 1000 reviews left

It shows the actual number once you start your reviews in the little tray in the top right. … Because Radicals only have one side, it shouldn’t ever be exactly double, but less than that.

Also try not to think of it as separate reviews - you must know there are two parts to every word… They are linked together - the same as when you did the lessons.

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Yes… And no. Because as far as I understand you’re always working in a batch of “the latest 10 items”… So the remaining should be less than that (but not by much) but more like 420~490, depending on how many radicals were done…

A bit related without solving your original request:

When dealing with a large amount of reviews, I find it more motivating to use the reorder script to group the items so that reading and meaning always appear together. 1 item feels more like just 1 review instead of 2 that way if you know what I mean.

That and sorting by level so that you can focus on clearing one level after the other which is motivating too.

I think that is not something one wants to do regularly but since it helps helps with getting back to 0 it is a good compromise.


What are you talking about? It doesn’t show the actual number of items in the tray in the top right. And yes, I understand that each vocabulary/kanji item is made up of two actual items, what I’m saying is that each individual item should be listed when doing reviews.

It does!

My dashboard ^

The tray ^

… Hey never mind… it doesn’t anymore. I was so excited, I was going to make you a screenshot and circle it…

I’m not sure if that changed with WK’s recent redesign, or if an older version of the Reorder Script (or a different script altogether that I’ve forgotten about) does/did that.
Sorry. :confused:

I always thought of reviews being the reading and the meaning; never thought of them separately. The point of Wanikani is to be able to understand and read kanji, not one or the other, so a review includes both.

If you are getting to the point where you have hundreds or thousands of reviews I think you should use the reorder script and pick a number like 10, 25, 50, 100, whatever you want and do them in small chunks. If you are unable to consistently use Wanikani to avoid this then yes, it will seem awful when you have 1000 reviews.

You could always use a reorder script to make it so you only review half of each item


When I have a big stack of reviews and I’m not sure I’ll make it through them in one session but still want to make progress I use the “finish up” button quite a bit. That way it will definitely give me the corresponding pieces to actually finishing items and ticking them off the list. It’s a little annoying to be bumped back up to the main review page every ten items, but better than losing progress if it times out.

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I think displaying a larger number would be more demotivating. Look on the bright side; assuming there are some radicals in there, 1000 items doesn’t mean 2000 answers. Honestly may be considerably less.

Either way it sounds like you have quite a few stacked up! Just get to it. Make it a goal to do 100 at a time. Get down to 900. Then to 800…


Which reorder script? How will that help?

By the time I get home from work my mood is shot and I’m lucky if I’m able to make myself get through 50 reviews.

At least it doesn’t just say 42+ anymore like it used to :joy:


You can find a few different reorder scripts here, so you can pick whichever one you like best: The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

If you use a reorder script you can have Wanikani put the meaning and reading of a kanji together. This way you can set a number you want to do and then do that specific number of reviews and know you did not do only half for any kanji or vocab word.

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I understand the sentiment for sure.

How about… getting up a half hour earlier and squeezing some in? At lunch? While you’re on the can? Even if you whittle away another ~10 at a time here and there it adds up quickly.

Can you recommend one?

I have this one [Userscript]: Reorder Ultimate 2 [newest]

I do not use it often but it works well when I do.

I wanna thank you guys, I installed Reorder Ultimate 2 and I’m taking care of reviews so much faster now. I feel a lot less depressed about it.


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