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Wanikani Strategy Hub

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For anything regarding site functions, settings and basic questions go to the Official FAQ or the Unofficial FAQ
For anything outside of Wanikani consult The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resource List!
For anything offtopic start with キャンプファイヤーの目次 (Campfire Table of Contents)

This thread is intended as a reference guide for strategies that help tackle the Wanikani experience.

Providing people with howto’s, opinions, speedrun manuals and discussions but also just simply collecting what questions there are to ask in the first place.

Editing Etiquette for this Wiki:

  • Add whatever you think helps answering the question but not just any- and everything. Quality over quantity.
  • If you came up with a good question but there’s no thread addressing it, you can still post it and leave it with an empty bullet point. Or of course make a thread dealing with it yourself.
  • If you explicitly link to a specific post within a longer thread use “Thread title (user’s take)” as naming scheme.
  • No @ mentions, because there’s a limit quickly to be reached and most users will be notified if you link one of their posts anyway.

Commenting Etiquette:

  • Feel free to discuss how to improve this Wiki in terms of content and structure. I’m just laying the groundwork.
  • Keep actual strategy discussions away from this thread please – and then link them if worthwhile! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Comprehensive Guides / Level 60 Retrospectives

Q & A

~ Scheduling ~

~ Memorization ~

~ Setbacks ~

~ Script specific ~

~ Motivation ~

~ Level 60 ~



@Mods can you make the original post above a wiki please? Thank you!


[also reserved, just in case]

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Wonder couple


Lots of effort put into this @shikaji ! I’m sure it will be very useful for a lot of people :pray: :heart:


I hope so! It’s my one useful contribution to the forums in all these years and it’d be cool if a bit of community effort will make it a truly awesome resource for us all.

Just waiting for wikification, because of course the one time i need my regular powers they leave me right before i managed to post this :laughing:


Sure, it’s done now!


This is some really amazing work you’ve done @shikaji! :astonished: :clap::clap: I hope it gets pinned on the forum. It’s a great guide to newcomers as to what threads to look into for advice on how to proceed along their journey! ^>^

(as much as the WK official FAQ is important, it’s not a guide to the existing forum threads users have made about issues they’ve come across on their WK journey.

@Mods can’t we have this thread + The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resource List permanently pinned on the startpage of the forums as they are all really complimenting each other along with the Crabigator welcome, as a help for users to make the most of WaniKani? :eyes: They are all gateway threads really!

Again, @shikaji thank you for your hard work! <3



As you might have gathered, I would probably not put The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resource List as something implied as something to do once reaching level 60, after all, you should get started on the stuff in that thread as soon as you’re capable really. So, it’s more like a parallel track to WK I think. :slight_smile:

I do think this thread, AND the Ultimate List should cross-reference/-link, to help navigation and finding each of these great resources. :eyes:

I’ll suggest it!


Hey! This is awesome. Very well done.



Perfect, thanks! :partying_face:

Everyone, have fun adding stuff! Sometimes there are old but still interesting threads around that deserve some visibility.

Yeah, as I’m not Level 60 yet I wasn’t sure what else to put and now I’m not even sure if the Level 60 subcategory makes sense tbh. Do you still need Wanikani guidance? :sweat_smile: I’m sure there’s something useful to refer you people of the golden badge to!

/edit: Found something and linked that instead

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I think there’s plenty! Getting that badge doesn’t even show you’ve learned the last level kanji yet! :wink: (how to remember stuff is eternal anyway! XD)

But, basically, the Additional Resources thread, don’t have an obvious heading for where to put Internal WK resources (just trying out a phrasing here), or something like that.

I think right now, just keeping the *links to other threads in the beginning of the thread is perhaps the best and adding some thoughts as to how to use that thread to gather resources for various things (a descriptive text I’d love to see reciprocated in that thread about yours!).

I do hope this thread gets pinned along the other one.

They have more moderators now clearly, and should be able to keep up and perhaps prioritize these 2 threads to make sure links are legit (as that’s the main issue)…otherwise, it’s just bringing more to the community and to the people using WK and helping them see how WK is helping them. ^^

Anyway…I’ll sleep on some of those * but don’t count on me filling them in…I hope some fired up soul in each case voices up about wanting to look into what forum threads exists in those subjects and to bring them back to this thread for discussion to be added! ^^

(I’m way to tired to proof read this, but hoping my thoughts gets across anyway)

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Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll discuss and get back to you next week!


Man, it’s hard to find all the relevant threads :sweat_smile: I had the feeling there was a one compiling all Level 60 posts but it just escaped me. Linked that one now instead of unnecessarily creating the same list again!

I added some more today but i expect this list to grow rather slowly anyway. Hopefully people occasionally think of it when stumbling upon new good posts and discussions.

The more crossreferences the better i say :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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wow this is absolutely amazing!
it’s gonna help so many people.


I’m a bit intimidated by the sheer amount of resources in that first post, but, well, let’s go, I guess. o_o

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Yeah, the forum has been existing for quite a few years now and many questions come up repeatedly, that’s what I wanted to compile here.

But, I mean, technically you don’t have to read any of it. It’s almost more of a Troubleshooting Guide to be consulted when you find yourself having an issue with the learning process. If there’s no problem actively bothering you don’t overthink it!

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Oh, that actually helps loads! It feels way less like eight tons of pressure and more like a gentle reminder, haha. Thanks. c:

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