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Oh, there are apps and there are user scripts.

I use wanikani exclusively on iOS. I guess I can’t have (neither install nor use) user scripts on iOS?

Yeah, I think you can’t.

However, there’s this user-made app that has a few scripts integrated I believe. Check it out :slight_smile:

yo, wassup guys


Hello! Welcome to the community!
I hope you’ll have a great time here. If you have any questions, there is always someone here with a quick answer :wink:

Is there a method of reversing all burned items, so you can re-learn them? That is, without resetting your level.

You can’t do it in bulk, I’m afraid. You have to un-burn every item you want to re-learn manually via the individual item pages. There is a “resurrect” button at the very bottom of the item page of burned stuff.

Alternatively, you can look through the list of scripts for things that can help you practice burned stuff. :slight_smile:

The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

Just starting out on my adventure to learn Japanese! Spent the last month learning the first two alphabets and some vocab. Joined WaniKani this week to help with learning Kanji. Hope it lives up to the hype!


Hello hello, welcome!

Worked wonders for me. ^^ I found it easy to commit to, and the forced pauses due to it being an SRS system meant I couldn’t foolishly bury myself in far too much material during that hyper-motivation of the first few weeks, like I had done during other times.

If you run into any questions, be sure to check out the FAQ. And if you’re still lost, we’re always here to help.

Enjoy your time here and good luck!

Guys I dont know if this Is the correct place but I need some advice.
I’m currently at level 16 almost 17 and my first burn is only a month from now what am I doing wrong, I absolutely need to always have 0 lessons and 0 reviews but the number of reviews wanikani wants me to do per day is ridiculous right know I don’t know how to be efficient without burning myself doing 200 to 250 reviews per day.



You are basically telling me to endure it or otherwise don’t do the lessons and accumulate them is that it :sweat_smile:

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Well yes. More lessons equal more reviews. Slow down on lessons and reviews will also slow down


When learning the reading for a kanji, is it important to also learn whether that’s the on’yomi or kun’yomi reading?

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In my opinion, it’s not important for a beginner to be concerned about that. It will probably become naturally more clear which is which as you gain experience.


Hi. I’m finally learning the language and just finished katakana. Working on Kanji now.

Couldn’t find an answer for this anywhere: I see that Campfire is locked for me… do I have to reach a certain level first?

It’s not locked, it’s just a weird use of the symbol to indicate that it’s not publically searchable.

Boards that are locked to you are completely invisible to you.


I have to say, now that I have more words and kanji in my repertoire, I am really enjoying things. Good work guys!
…Now get back to work!


Hi, I guru’d my first radicals, but now I don’t have an hover saying I’ll get a review in one week or so, why is that?

You probably now have lessons that you need to do.

Thanks but that is not what I meant, I meant why there is no “Your next guru review is in 6 days”. Now I have to click on each item to see in how long I’ll be reviewed

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