I want to learn Kanji. A new year resolution







Thank you for caring, :slight_smile: it’s ok, I know this kind of threads are a bit long, whenever you want to read it’s ok


Thank you so much ninja :3 I’ll be waiting for you. :smiley:


Thank you!!!


And I’m so happy that you consider me like that, I’ll save you a piece of cake and expect to see you soon up here, deal?


Thank you so much!!!


Same, thank you for being here :slight_smile:


naphy-chan it’s ok, it doesn’t matter whenever you have time, thank you for everything


No, you’re awesome. I’ve noticed your speed as well, I expect to see you around soon.



Thank you :3


yay! Uploading: image.png…


nya~~ <3


Thank you for being so friendly, you’re the best
2019 will be amazing for you as well :smiley:


Yes, you’ll find along the way up to 60 what is the best speed for you, just remember to take care of yourself ok? And this forum is awesome, whenever you feel down you can come here we’ll certainly try to help you out.

Thank you for commenting and don’t give up i’ll be saving cake at level 60 for you


haha, wow, thank you for taking your time to do this for me, it’s epic haha the moth :3
hey, did you reset your level?


Thank you!!! :smiley:


Great things

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Proud of you!

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Holding you to that! :+1:

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OMG congratulations Ninkastmin! This is such an impressive feat. I’m new here to WK and I hope that I can find a quarter of the drive you had in 2018. You’re an inspiration to us all!

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Senpai noticed me! blushes and runs away


Amazing result, my friend! And stupendous speed!

I’m so happy for you for making it to the end in such style. ¡Que disfrutes tu pastel bien merecido!

If your life felt dark there for a while, I hope and expect that this is the beginning of great things. I hope for both of us a year full of improvement in our Japanese abilities. I think it’s hard to measure progress day by day, but if you look back at milestones like this and realize how far you’ve come in such a relatively short time, you should be extremely proud of yourself.

Anyway, thanks for always being a positive presence here on the forums. Maybe one day I’ll see you in メキシコ or Japón.


Oh, someone changed his avatar profile picture, le handsome

I wholeheartedly hope we both achieve a great level by the end of the year, and I completely agree, sometimes it’s not that easy to measure in short terms, but achieving little goals make a great difference.

Gracias por tus palabras, eres mi cuate!


Hi, pardon, but I don’t understand: what are “script”? Thank you

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Scripts are third-party made (usually other Wanikani users) “tools” that can be used to improve your studies or maybe keep track of certain things such as leeches. Sorry if this is a bad explanation. I know other people could do a lot better when I comes to explaining this (explaining anything overall is hard for me), but I decided to just give it a shot.

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No scripts at all here.

Take a look round the forums as there are a lot of 3rd party sites that can do further analysis of your data (Leeches are good to know) and yes, there are scripts, that re-arrange your lessons, allow you to resubmit after a typo etc. It always felt a bit like “cheating” to me so I never bothered but the 3rd party sites are very useful.

Congrats to @Ninkastmin


Congratulations! It was heartwarming to read that despite your struggles, you still have found a purpose and a community here at WaniKani.

I hope you keep up with attaining your new goals in 2019. :slight_smile:

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That level up graph… such power!
You really are the dream of every Japanese learner. I will never have such super human diligence.



As @BananaNeko nicely pointed out, they’re code written by users that implement tools to the current environment of WK and if used correctly can enhance your experience here

Please refer to this link to see the full list and how to use them

You also may choose as @steford not to install any of them, which is the chuck norris way of doing things, full respect

@ajje @Loafer
Thank you so much for your comment, it means a lot to me <3

Thank you all

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