Top 10 leaches .... coming in at number 10

Hi everyone ^^
where can I find my leeches list ?
Thanks !

Gaah, me too. I’m also really bad with じる、まじわる、ぜる.

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I don’t think there is one. Probably the closest thing would be the items in “critical condition”?

I still get them mixed up, too.
However Leeach Nr 1 is 開発 - took me 47 repetitions…

Where do you find this info on the WK site?


They both have their own threads, but I don’t remember where they are. So I suggest you both to look at wiki.


Most of those are typos of some sort, but typos I make every single time so I still count them as leeches.

Most frustrating:
The non-rendaku of 計算
犯罪: crime, criminal, gullt, guilty… ? I guess wrong every time.
お願い: I always put “a wish”. “A request”: :white_check_mark: “wish”: :white_check_mark: “a wish” :x:

I’ve finally gotten 大した out of the top 20, mostly because once I complained about it on here I started remembering it. (that works!)

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Just a word of caution about this, I also used mnemonic lightly, and relied a bit more on “feel”, but I have been at level 60 for almost a year now, and I still have so many deep-seated leeches because I didn’t pay enough attention to the fine detail of kanji components… I keep mixing-up visually similar kanji :sob:
Stuff like :
浴 谷 容 溶
衰 哀
崖 岸
挙 拳


This is so true! Anything “to なになに” and “to be なになに” I can’t keep straight.

And then while reading this article: I realized that it is kind of odd to list definitions as “to be なになに” when these intransitive “to be blah blah” verbs aren’t even in the passive!

getting something wrong because i added an article where wk expected none is laughable. those aren’t leeches, you’re not learning “english keywords” here, you’re learning to read.

back in the day i used override for that. these days, i shrug and add a synonym.

That is a good one ! i learnt this one pre-radical overhaul, so the mnemonic involved a ‘Hick’ and ‘two face’ ! (showing my Wanikani age :slight_smile: )

hmmmm - that is confusing. haha.

Yep - i’m with you there

This took me ages to get this one down !

Yep, Yep annnnndddd … yep.

Oh Jesus - when you put them side to side, it seems remarkable i don’t have more leeches. :frowning:

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I often wish WK had a convenient way to share mnemonics/rules of thumb/advice that users come up with for personal use. I’ve seen so many of them in various Community posts, but they’re buried in threads and not easily accessible. It’d be great if there was a way to publish mnemonics that people could look at when they get stuck. Maybe with a sort feature based on likes to let the best ones filter to the top.

@fioraaeterna I haven’t hit 席 yet, but I’m sure I won’t have trouble with it once I get there. Thanks.


there’s a community mod for that. i guess tofugu don’t wanna bother with moderating mnemonics. maybe they saw the “creativity” on memrise and decided it’s best to not go down that rabbit hole.

Really? Where would I find it?

And, yeah, I can see the potential problems, though maybe if you did it as a feature that only paid subscribers could edit/add to, you’d avoid most of the questionable stuff… Ah well, Tofugu gonna tofu. Or something.

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it’s in the api forum. you install tampermonker on chrome (dunno for other browsers) and can then just install whatever mod fits your needs. i think this one is called “community mnemonics”.

i, too, guess that paying members keep the penis and poop memes to a minimum, but who knows. it’s still the internet, hehe.

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Awesome. Thanks for pointing this out. I had missed this one somehow.

One suspects that questionable content wouldn’t get many votes as well, automatically obliviating them, but I guess I’ll see once I install this script. :wink:

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There is a community mnemonics script but i find it terribly unreliable; often it just doesn’t load, even given 10+ seconds, or it has all kinds of weird buggy behavior like how it doesn’t work when using a reorder script on lessons (it seems unmaintained as well). I kinda wish there was a more well maintained version of it, because it’s a fantastic idea and I’ve submitted a lot of my mnemonics to it.

For example, one of my mnemonics I made today for 割:


I’ve only got about 5 so far…

Hey, I’m curious,
what do the numbers on the right side mean ?
for example “4/1 4” on the first line, “3/2 1.06” on the second line, …
Thanks !

Mine doesn’t have the X/Y part, but I’d guess it’s (# of times incorrect)/(current correct streak)

The last number is the leech score. On mine, that’s calculated by
\frac{\mathrm{times\ incorrect}}{\mathrm{(correct\ streak)}^{1.5}}

The number is high for ones you’ve missed a lot of times, but then starts to go back down when you start getting it right again. (But it doesn’t go away completely just because you’ve gotten lucky once or twice.)