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:joy: I do have a bunch of links!

I think because I am not afraid to get my hands dirty people tend to send me a bunch of things in beta / testing / requires manual work, so I just collect a bunch of stuff. Here’s all my links so far but they’re super personalised to me so i dont know if it’ll help you :slight_smile:


Getting Started

Sentence Mining


Youtubers i like


Wanikani Addons


Video Games




  • Kanji testing website (pitch accent etc) https://uroninja.com/

  • mochi mochi kanji is a cool app for kanji

Dump of random things

Other languages

  • seth-js on github has yomichan dicts for other languages

  • dictionariez is yomichan for other languages

PS: There are resources I cannot entirely share due to legality. For me they are legal, for others they might not be. This list is cleaned up of those. An example is I have a link to a lot of anime fonts to use in Jitai (which I setup), but font downloading may be copyright infringement in your country.

Also, the WK forums wouldn’t let me post the link :sweat_smile: