[Chrome Extension] Kanify - Find out what kanjis you know on any web page!

I did, and I just went back and made another just in case I messed up the access settings for that token - but that didn’t fix it (even with restarting the browser + clearing caches/cookies/etc). It might be a system issue on my end or something similar, so I’ll try it on my home computer when I’m off work and let you know how that goes.

Please may you release it for Firefox too? https://extensionworkshop.com/documentation/develop/porting-a-google-chrome-extension/


I will look into it!


This is neat! I’d actually love if it also highlighted kanji I don’t know in a different colour so that I can distinguish it easily from the sea of kana.

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…even though you’re L17, this is your first post, whooo!

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Take the time to check out the FAQ and GUIDE if you haven’t already…
…that you seem to have done just fine without if you haven’t

There’s also a lot of good stuff on the forum to help you…
…that you’ve probably already seen… on account of being registered since March

The Ultimate Guide for WK
The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!
The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

I hope your Japanese learning journey continues to go well!


having the inverse of this would be nice…

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Do you mean highlighting the kanjis you don’t know on a page? We can consider adding this as a feature if there is a strong support for this.

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The inverse…? So all the kanji you don’t know on a webpage turns red?

yeah, like you get an idea about how many kanji you don’t know on a page


hmmm. I’m imagining a gradient related to how far away it is on WK, going from light blue (taught within the next 5 levels) to dark purple (more than 20?30? levels away), and red highlighting for kanji that aren’t taught on WK.
@MrMonkey006 Sounds like a pretty cool feature to me! How difficult would it be to implement this?


Hah, thanks! I vaguely considered making a “why is しよう marked wrong I’m quitting this trash website” post… but I resisted. Maybe at level 60.


Is this based on the Vocabulary? Or the Kanji and Vocabulary?

Just thinking that in the case of 具合, I might know them separately as “tool” and “suit” but I don’t yet know them together as “condition”

As of this moment it simply highlights the kanjis you know. We may add in a toggle to highlight the vocab you know, although that is trickier to implement and may take a little while since verbs endings tend to change based on the conjugation.

Me too. I generated a new token specifically for Kanify and tried it out on the NHK Easy articles but still didn’t get anything coming up. I’m using Chrome Version 85.0.4183.83 on a Macbook Air.

It’s not working on my end either. I generated a new token, added it to the extension and then activated it, but nothing happened. I wonder why…

This is really interesting, it seems really high level users are having trouble activating the extension. If any high level users would like to share their API token with me at kanifyext@gmail.com, I could help figure this out for other users :slight_smile:

I was thinking the same thing, I’d absolutely love to use this to point out which kanji i dont know instead

We will add this to the features list! Thank you for your input.

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To any users above level 30, a bug fix has been pushed to the Chrome store to fix the extension if it was previously not working for you! Please check the chrome store link in our original post for Version 1.2!