Wanikani screenshots 📸

Yahayoo~ On this 18th of May, I reached over 400 reviews in a day for the first time :fire:



I cannot be the only one who has done this for 自分 :rofl:


Gotta keep this streak up!!! :partying_face::partying_face:


Good streak. Also, I love the colors! :heart_eyes: They’re actually hued up pretty accurate as well. Props :clap::clap:
Not that I’m envious or anything


Is this from an external app? Do you mind saying which one?

It’s Kumirei-senpai’s script. Scripts are not actually made by wanikani, but by some of the users in the community. They’re safe to use, and many are very helpful (at least in my opinion and experience)

There’s even a post with many of them compiled, here:
(Note: Just mentioning that I use just a couple of them, not every one on the list :joy:)


Thanks! The green was nice, but I’m more of a pink girl, myself! :heart:

@Kurtz Yeah, what Redglare said! It’s the heatmap script. Very useful and you can change the colors! :star:

Annnd my screenshot…

Prisonnnn why do you do this to meeee???

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It’s been a long road, but I’m finally here. Don’t know what I’ll do with my Monday’s/Fridays without my giant pile of lessons/reviews to get through.



104 reviews in 13 minutes. One of these days I’ll stop answering the kunyomi for 世 and 他.

(really expected this session to level me up though. Disappointed!)

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man am i good at this.

i vow not to quit though!!! i’ll get through this!!!

edit: did 100 reviews to start.

that’s a lotta forgotten items. But that’s 49 items that haven’t been forgotten. :slight_smile:

edit the second: got it down to 500 reviews. image
this number probably going to go to 550 or so the next time I do reviews, but it might be a better idea for me to ease into reviews again over time. Better to do 100 reviews a day for 5 days than to be angry at myself for another week.


When I get unmotivated I usually do a couple dozen,sometimes up to a hundred/twohundred at a time, and leave it again. At some point I will get the motivation to do all at once. Last time though, what really helped me, was installing the SRS Reorder Script. This way I could get the burn items out of the way, while not having the apprentice items coming back all the time (the way I see it, they’re of timer anyway, so was always going to fail a bunch). This got me through the pile right quick (~600 at the most) as I wasn’t failing as much, about 60-70%, being more motivated as a result.

(You do need to tinker the settings in the script a little bit, see script comment section)

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Yaaaayyy!!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


I’m finally free!!!


About 4/5 months ago I set out to destroy my 900+ stockpile of reviews when I lost my groove. I probably could have done this in half the time but several factors stopped me:

  • General demotivation
  • Awful initial percentages
  • Bumps in the road of life
  • Frustration with seeming lack of progress

But I finally did it! I clawed my way out of this horrible mess. If there’s one thing I can say, at least, I’m probably the user who’s spent the absolute longest amount of time on Level 42.

I probably won’t do lessons still for a bit(look at those review counts), but in the next few days I’ll continue my journey. Hopefully I’ll finish this time…


well that was embarrassing


I finally have time to sit down and do some reviews.
I was planning to do everything in one sitting… but it was too painful to make mistakes…
I know some have it worse. I’m just weak I guess.


Boi. Not even halfway there…


I believe in you! 頑張ってー ! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و


Thank you! :green_heart: I’ll get there eventually.
Hopefully later today.

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Weeee I did it!


I just burned an item where I’d filled in the transitive answer instead of the intransitive :sweat_smile: (並ぶ)

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not so bad