Wanikani Lore and Culture Collection

So I’ve been around the Forums for about a year now, and fairly often people will mention something that I can only class as Wanikani lore/culture. So in assistance of the new users and just because it’s nice to have things collected together I was wondering if I could have assistance in collecting all the bits and pieces we know and putting it together.

I’ve put all i can think of off the top of my head here and have been adding and changing as I learn and remember more things.
This post is now a Wiki!
So please go to town and add as much information as you can, and expand on what is already there, about Wanikani, the Forums, Crabigatorism, etc. (Add people/their threads/comments you think should be added, Edit information, Whatever you think might go in here/help expand it, keep it up to date, the more informaiton the better.)
Also, if anyone has better ways of setting it out or even just indenting subsections, that would be greatly appreciated : )

Current design:

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Information and links and quotes
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Information and links and quotes

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This is our history for those after us, please make it as comprehensive as you can, and write yourself in the contributors. 頑張って!


  • First of all, for all official purposes, THIS IS NOT A CULT. We may worship a Crabigator and religiously do our reviews and lessons but this is NOT A CULT.
  • Faithful vassal of the Crabigator, Overmind, Survivor of Durtle Hell.
  • Co-founder of Wanikani who knows where his towel’s at.

  • :durtle: :durtjovahs_witness: :durtle: :durtle_cat: :durtle_durtverted_lvl1: :durtle_hello: :durtle_durverted_lvl2: :durtle_love: :durtle_megane: :durtle_noice: :durtle_officer: :durtle_stabby: :durtle_the_explorer: :durtle_tomato: :durtle_vin: :durtle_yellow_rodent: :caught_durtling:<-- These. Maybe @koichi or @koichi-descended knows more, they’ve spent the most time with them. Many of the more common types are found in the Durtledex (middle/bottom of this page )
    The Durtledex occasionally updates the descriptions, (and provides (semi-cryptic) clues as to how to earn them. Sometimes.)

  • Found throughout Durtle Heaven,Durtle Hell, and the Wanikani Forums.

  • Durtle collection thread

  • Are sometimes awarded as Titles for certain behaviour, usually different forms of durtling.


After being Caught Durtling yesterday, I looked into it and saw it was because of an extensive pun I made to greet someone on their introduction post. This made me think that Durtling is more closely related to the diversion from kanji study by doing other, unrelated things on the forums
So, are the durtles a direct personification of our procrastination, encompassing the different forms of distraction?
This led me to do some research, and what I found is truly remarkable and dates back to Ancient Times.
After scouring ancient writings, I finally found what could very well be the answer we’re all looking for, and it comes from hieroglyphics found at an ancient burial site in Japan (because that’s where hieroglyphics actually originated, cool right?)
(Hieroglyphics found at ancient burial site in Hieroglyphicstown, Japan, circa 42+ BCE)
I took the liberty to teach myself how to read hieroglyphics overnight and was able to translate this ancient text, I hope we find the answers we’ve been so desperately looking for:

— MissMisc

  • Durtle Uprising - The durtles only have one recorded uprising so far, on the 17th of February '18, began by @magiconic. Many Durtle Class gathered together chanting “Durtle Uprising” for just over a day, until they became slightly distracted, turnig their attentions elsewhere.
  • Noone really knows where they came from - some say they are born from the charred remains of Wanikani turtle shells, some say studious turtles degenerate into durtles, some say that one can be reincarnated as a durtle.
  • Durtling (v.) Doing things you like and avoiding hard or boring things, eg. reviews. Something that durtles do. Very generic.
    — Sometimes they also say durtle/durt whilst doing it, eg. ‘I’m going to durtle off and POLL now, durtle durtle’ (or ‘durt durt.’)
  • Song of the Durtle

SRS Levels

@HatsuHazama once said on another thread:

Every time you get an apprentice item right, a turtle egg is heated up somewhere. Heat up the egg 4 times, it hatches and becomes ‘guru-ed’ (as you call it).
Every time you get it wrong, the last two heatings are forgotten (as the eggs lose their heat, duh), unless you’ve never got it right before or just once or something, cuz unheated eggs can’t just cool down, you get me?
(Serious talk for a second here, intervals in apprentice go 4hours>8hours>24hours>2days for radicals, 4hours>8hours>24hours>3days for kanji and vocab)
Once these radical eggs (because they’re awesome, definitely nothing to do with kanji radicals) have hatched to turtles, these turtles can… get together, making a new egg, containing a surprise (Psst: It’s a kanji turtle made up of the genes of it’s radically cool parents). Same process for kanji eggs to unlock cute little vocab items.
Every now and then, the turtle population hits a surge (when 90% of kanji eggs have hatched), leading to a mass… 乱交. Many new eggs are created as a result, leading to eggs of all kinds being formed. And the cycle repeats.

Reviews, waiting times,
the Song of the Review Overload

Composed for evethemighty

Level 60 cake
  • The fabled reward for reaching the last level of Wanikani.
  • There is some debate as to whether it is real, but that’s up to each person to find out when they reach Level 60.

Legendary Mnemonics

Some of these still are part of the Mnemonics, some were removed during the Legendary Content Update of December 2018.

Hard Gay
  • reading: せい
Charlie Sheen
Mrs Chou
  • Reading:ちょう

  • The Answer” you hoopy frood.

(Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy)

  • Used to be far more common, you used to have 42+ reviews, 42+ lessons, etc.

:turtle: :crab: :crocodile: :crabigator:


Notable Pre-10k post limit threads

Master Lists

Usually a Wiki, these threads compile all useful information about a subject/group of threads into one place, or simply collect links of groups of relelated/relevant threads.

POLL lore

All information is subject to the continuously changing, hidden mysteries of the POLL thread(s)

  • POLL threads are fast-moving threads with no topic, where you can talk about anything to a really friendly group of people - ranging from experienced users from the beginning of time pre-discourse days to lurkers to new Wanikanians.
  • An attempt at a quarantine zone for POLLs where likes flow freely and and POLLs move at about the same rate.
  • Began with Ryouki posing the eternal question: Steak or Bacon?
  • The title of the POLL threads are often parodies of other threads or anything else. It is changed regularly and the only rule is that it must include “POLL” at least once somewhere.
  • POLLfam (collective noun) used by regulars of the POLL threads to refer to each other as a group.
  • POLL threads move very quickly, so in between POLL thread there is :flying_saucer: POLL Limbo :flying_saucer:
  • Most frequent Poster data from all POLL threads with info available atm (threads 1-21): Most frequent POLLster Data.
MissMisc, coelacanth, Powerpuncher and other assorted options in POLLs
  • MissMisc option - in place of the ‘other’ option, of uncertain origin, but after the disappearance of MissMisc was a kind of homage to the legend until gradually started being replaced by the coelacanth option. still comes up every now and again.
  • Coelacanth option - similar purpose to the MissMisc option, also of uncertain origin, but isn’t named after anyone other than the POLL thread’s coelacanth (a bit different to your average coelacanth)
  • Powerpuncher option - from the MissMisc option era and a little bit into the Coelacanth era, the option in the POLL designated for those who just have to choose something controversial. of course the option is also there to pull a Powerpuncher on the Powerpuncher option and choose something else :woman_shrugging:
  • Totodoki - Denzo POLLs - multiple choice POLLs where every option can be clicked.
  • prouleau POLLs - a one answer POLL for the option that was forgotten in the original.
  • YoungAdam POLLs - a multiple option POLL comprised of song lyrics
What is this POLL you speak of?

basically, it’s the special name given to ye average poll in wanikani.

Building POLLs

Heads up:

  • All POLLs in a post need to have a different name. if you use the POLL builder, this is done automatically, but be aware with HTML and other handcrafted POLLs.
  • The maximum number of options in a POLL is 20.
Easy POLL creation (POLL builder):

Example of single choice POLL with two options:
image credit: Saibaneko

Manual POLLing (Markup):

A Denzo style POLL:

Hardcore manual POLLing (HTML):

Book Clubs
  • The Forums are also home to the Book Clubs, places for discussion about books of all levels.
  • Link to the Master list of Book Clubs


Userscripts, as the name implies are created by members of the community - users of a program - to enhance the vanilla experience.
Wanikani has a vibrant Userscript “market” (all, save one or two, are free), and even encourages users to build them. Occasionally a very well loved userscript becomes the inspiration for a new feature in the vanilla Wanikani.

New and Improved list of API and Third Party apps

  • Always be careful - make sure userscripts you install only have access to the relevant pages, nothing else. you can find the websites it has access to here:

    and here (on TamperMonkey):

    before you install it. the '*'s mean that extra characters can be inserted there and the script will work, so in the above example it will work on:
API? V1+2?

Basically a unique code that means other websites, userscripts, etc. can access your progress and certain account information, which allows them to create unique, customised experiences at your level straight away using your progress through Wanikani (i.e. the kanji you know/kindof know/have seen/don’t know etc.)
Examples include wkstats, Kaniwani, satori reader, and many more.

"Big Names"



Many more…

Awards threads

Run by certain users, participants submit posts to whichever category is currently being run, and the post with the most likes wins. Rules vary from host to host. At the conclusion of the thread, the host either creates a new thread or passes the baton onto another user.
Current: :trophy: The Gliawards :trophy:

Threads on repeat

This is stupid, why i need lessons to learn paticles without their kana ? kanji lessons locked ? deleting account

Master list of threads as of 2016 so those who haven’t experienced this can get an idea of how many approx 4/ fortnight feels like.

Forbidden/unanswerable topics
  • Sects and Sect titles please don’t excommunicate me

When will Eto Eto come out?

(i.e. no one knows includign the overmind himself.

  • Has reached level 60 and reset twice. Do not ask if Leebo has reset, there is only one way to get from level 60 to level 1.
  • Leeboed (to be) v. to be beaten to be the first answer to a post by @Leebo .
  • The first queen of the Campfire category and the POLL threads. A truly inspirational figure in WaniKani Lore
  • Cake lawyer to whom all Level 60 Cake (and other Cake) disputes should be arbitrated by
  • Has been absent since autumn of 2019. We Miss MissMisc, 'nuff said plz come back :sob:
  • Created the first-ever POLL thread by asking the timeless, unanswerable question of whether steak or bacon is better
  • See also POLLfam
The Melon (MidoriNoSuika)
  • The first and most notorious person to have managed to be banned from the forums for a thousand years (1000年 for those following along at home). Banned for violation of the guidelines (inappropriate posts), then editing posts to get around being temporarily silenced.
    + Other people who have earnt 1L: Sutho81 (being rude, ignorant and constantly getting flagged.), Midori_no_Sora (uncertain, but likely relating to incidents on Pseudo PMs thread and Discord)
  • You have been warned.
    Follow the guidelines, be nice.
Self proclaimed Bots
  • The last standing Robot in the forums. The only thing that They have studdied more then Japanese is humans.
  • See also POLLfam
  • CyrusS
    – Faithful Staff and Moderator, who Unfortunately is no longer with us.
  • WaniMeKani
    – Renamed Discobot.

Game threads/ just for funsies

Appreciation threads

Appreciation threads are based around one thing, and gather groups of fans to enjoy these things:

  • Replacing the subject of someone’s sentence with “y-you”: Cats are cute. → Y-you’re cute!
  • Getting ninja’d by someone else’s same answer in a new thread.
  • Getting beaten to posting the same content as someone else.
  • Answering a denzo POLL by clicking all the options.
Rick Rolling
  • Not specific to Wanikani forums, but not absent either.
  • To add a link which intentionally misdirects to a video of Rick Astley’s ‘Never gonna Give you up’.
  • This song may also be replaced with another song eg. an Owl City song.


Animals are a huge part of the Forums, with many users being cats, dogs, etc. and just a large general appreciation for them. Animals are also super tasty, and their preparation is discussed frequently.

  • A huge part of the forums, cats are everywhere, just take a look around. Especially in the POLL thread, Cat appreciation thread, and more.
  • If you identify as a cat in your avatar, you’re automatically a member of The Cat Club.
  • Ping @Glias like a bot for cat images and gifs.

@Wantitled is the goodest boy. He deserves all of the head pats. Don’t question it.


Cubes are an esoteric concept. @ Schneebguy (formerly @ no_u) gives “access” to the cubes to new members and people who ask for it. They are also considered “customer support” for cubes. and questions should be directed to them.



Religious/Sacred Texts

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: SCP-001 is to be confined to the website wanikani.com at all times. Interaction with SCP-001 is to be limited to purposes of sacrificing $300 USD to it, and learning the Jouyou Kanji of the Japanese language. The monetary sacrifice is occasionally softened to $200 USD during most of December, but this is the exception, not the rule.

The Crabigator
  • Ke knows when you are POLLing. Ke knows when you are durtling. Ke knows when you have not done your reviews and when you have. Ke will reward each according to their own durtles.
Ways of adressing/names
  • Pronouns
    – Ke/Kis/Kim (revealed by Koichi)
  • Endings
    – Kis Clawyness
    – Kis Snappyness
    – basically any variation on things to do with claws, crabs, aligators and Kanji.
  • Crabigator or Alicrab?
  • Honourific - Unknown/Uncertain.
How to anger
  • Not doing Reviews
  • Asking about Sect Titles (bestowed by the will of the Crabigator and that’s all you need to know >->)
How to contact
  • be sure to use correct pronouns when addressing the crabigator. (in general, replace the first sound of the common English masculine pronoun with /k/ - He - Ke, His - Kis, Thine - Kine (if you’re one of those).
  • Ask from assistance from a Durtle priest if unsure of the content before using the suggestion box.
  • Ke has also been known to summon new staff members via text as Ke is very tech savvy. (eg. JenK)

Life of a follower


Celebrated on the 25th of December, The holiest of Crabigatorist days. Also marks the beginning of the Season in which the annual ARG begins.

Durtle Heaven/Hell

There are 9 levels to Durtle Hell, each lower than the other, and each requiring a password for entry. Only once you descend through all 9 levels are you permitted to enter Durtle Heaven.

  • First discovered discovered during the Descent into Durtle Heaven event 2018-2019 (read a summary here)
  • Thought to be a mistake answer for a riddle, but the representatives of the Crabigator deny this.
  • Guide to Durtle Heaven
  • Tickets may also be bought through confession (may or may not have other strings attached).

Inspired works

While not part of the texts central to Crabgatorism, many have been inspired by kis crabbyness. Inspired works can be found scattered around the forums, and include:


Thanks to the Contributors
  • Corbayne
  • Midori_no_Sora
  • Belthazar
  • afunian
  • Naphthalene
  • rumade
  • JapanStar49
  • Glias
  • lucon1
  • MissMisc
  • Kumirei
  • Bladepoint
  • aeirvine
  • CalmBit
  • Shikaji
  • trunklayer
  • Denzo
  • prouleau
  • YoungAdam

If you’re in it and don’t want to be PLEASE let me know and mention me and I’ll remove you or you can do it.


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I am most definitely to be confused with @MidoriNoSuika.

But “confusion” probably isn’t what most are experiencing.


I’ll change that right away then XD


Does this link work 'guvnah?


It should. It was found by @Brieftaube in the Crabsmas riddle thread.
If it doesn’t, i’ve broken it and im really sorry but i don’t know how to fix it.


You somehow lost the T in “Crabigator”.


Oh no i hope he forgives me. Thanks mate!


I feel like the legend of @jprspereira who made it to level 60 in just over a year should line the lineage of the lore as well.


Knew i was forgetting people. Thanks!


I like this as the collaborative table of lore-booking. I am still very light knowledged in all the Durtley ways of Durdledome. But, I look forward to an accessible route to gain that highly saught after :crabigator: wisdom.


Just a small thing, Melon has 1 L, also I am pretty sure he isnt the only one whos been banned for the thousand years, but I cant really remember the name of the other guy ive seen.

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Okay i’ll edit that.

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I see it was mentioned before, but there’s at least one other member who got banned for 1000 years. MidoriNoSuica was the first though.


The more information the better.




About durtles, I would add something about Crabmas and eGoooott.
Also, they are quite obvious, but since we are writing stuff for new comers, maybe point toward the book clubs? For instance add a link to the master list of book clubs.

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I’ll add the book clubs in.
I don;t know much if anythign about durtles other than they exist, same with eGoooott. Do you have any information in them?

The most lore we know about the durtles comes from flavor text from an event held over Christmas 2018, until April 2019. The event started with frequent forum users receiving a durtle badge named “ghost of crabsmas” or something similar (I’m on phone now, so it’s a bit tedious to look that kind of things up). There’s a similar event going on right now.
eGooott was the solution to one of the riddles in that event. Considering all other solutions were meaningful words, we think the staff made a mistake when designing that riddle, but they’ve denied it so far.