New iOS app

haawa said... Your last links were really helpful, think this one will be too.
Are you by any chance, WaniKani forum moderator? :D
ShotgunLagoon said...
haawa said...
Izana said... Could you add a dark mode? Also, could you maybe implement a way to see when your current level reviews will be? 
1) Do you have any view how this dark mode should look?

2) I'm investigating that :)
 for #2, maybe something like this review timeline userscript:
 you're very welcome! i just spend a ton of time on the forums. i made this thread because the old list of api and third party apps was hella outdated and it was annoying me. as a result, i know at least a little bit about most of the api and third party apps available for wk. 

i don't think there's any users who are moderators, but i could be wrong. i'm not one, that's all i know. i'm flattered though, thank you!