Help! I had to redownload all my scripts!

Something happened with my computer and I had to remove Tampermonkey because it had somehow become disabled and I couldn’t fix it. It’s working now, and while I perused the script list for all of my previously used scripts, I’ve not yet been able to figure out which ones I used.

Right now, I have installed: golden burn, heatmap, leach trainer, level up celebrator, open framework, real numbers, ultimate timeline, and level duration 2, because they sounded similar to what I had, but I think a few might be different scripts.

Any suggestions?

Also, there’s one I really liked that allowed you to do reviews based on the level (there were scales at the bottom left and right corners as well), but I can’t find it.

Thanks for your help! :3

I think that’s [Userscript]: Reorder Ultimate 2 [newest].


This is reorder ultimate 2

Also basically everyone has this one so maybe you had it too?

In general here is a list of all scripts I had when I got too level 60

Also I added confusion guesser and total progression bar after that


I keep my up-to-date list of userscripts I use. Could be a screenshot. Could be a note. So, if anything happens, I got my backup note.

Also I thought that last one was a goat.

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For future reference, In Tampermonkey you can export all of your scripts as a .txt file for the purpose of backups. Go to the utilities tab and under the “File” section click the export button and it’ll save a .txt file. Then just import that file if you ever need to restore all your scripts. Just remember to make regular backups when you add or remove scripts.


Didn’t know this! Great tip.

Personal recommendations
Naturally a lot of my own scripts make these lists

Dashboard Progress Plus
Review SRS/Level Indicator
Do You Even Kana?
Egg Timer
Condensed Progress Bars
Review Audio Tweak 2
Expected Daily Number of Reviews
Lesson Hover Details
Burn Bell
Progress Percentages
Advanced Context Sentence
Dashboard Level
Levels By SRS
2 Cool 4 Progress
Double Check
Reorder Ultimate 2
Random Voice Actor
Show Specific SRS Level in Reviews
Vocabulary for Wanikani
Phonetic Semantic Composition

Lessons/Review Status
Spongebob Time Cards
User Tags
Like Counter
Large Image Embedder
Giphy/Pintrest Embedder
Detailed Timestamps
Quote Whole Post


Absolutely amazing, I never knew this existed :joy:


Heh, it’s one of the first scripts I ever made


@Kumirei, is there any way to have your hidden review script work work the numbers showing radical, kanji, and vocab reviews shown by reorder ultimate 2?

I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand what you mean

So, on the upper right corner, where there is the percentage correct and check mark for reviews done, below that is listed as such, with the number remaining beside each:

Is there a way to remove those?

Oh, sure, definitely. What version of Reorder Ultimate has this? I am using 2.2.4, which does not have those indicators.

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I’m using this version. I didn’t know there was a 2.2.4 version; I’ll look for it!

That is v2.2.4 :thinking: Are you sure that it’s the reorder script which adds the counts?

Oh! I suppose then I’m not so sure. I’ll try to figure that one out.

Do you perhaps have this script installed?

I think that script adds such counts. If you have that one there’s a line “indicatorRadKanVoc” at the top of the code that you can just toggle to “false”


It doesn’t look like it, but I’ll check to see if any of the other scripts I’m using have such a feature.