Welcome to the new WaniKani forums

I hope it gets resolved for you. There’s probably no one in the office for another 11 hours though… so you might want to wait on your reviews in the meantime, then…

That I can’t answer.

However there are (and you’ve probably already come across some of them) vocabulary words that are in partial katakana + kanji… and to make sure you know it, that has to be answered in hiragana.

(ie: スペイン語、ハート形 )

I guess that makes sense … anyhow , i’ll be waiting for their response, thanks for the help

There is Userscript, Katakana Madness. Maybe you should try it.

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I think i will! thank you

I didn’t know about that one.
Man, there is a User Script for everything!


The mixed ones all allow mixed-kana, or hiragana only. Which is good, cause the Android app I use refuses to type katakana in its custom override IME.

I am So excited for this. Especially the fact that we can “follow” posts. Thank you!

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Is anybody else quite fully aware by now that ‘The new message boards are live’? Might it be time to remove the banner that’s been on the front page for the last ten days?

1+! It’s a bit annoying now :confused:

I dunno, I might leave it there for another week to a few weeks… For those people who wander in and out of WaniKani as life takes them different places… ?

That’s just me though.

I am posting my obligatory hello in the forums to help remove the checklist from my main login page.


Hooray! Welcome. Enjoy your stay. Sniff the flowers. Burn some turtles.

ありがとうございました! What a fast and kind reply. I think I will enjoy it here very much :slight_smile:

No problem.

Advice and help for lower levels over thataways!

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Going to reach 2 weeks soon. I find it somewhat distracting.

Hopefully this site helps me reach fluency as well as proficient reading skills

Welcome! Hope you enjoy it.
How long have you been studying Japanese?
What resources are you using to learn?

2 weeks and already level 8??? How did you manage that? I’ve started a week ago and am just at lvl 2 oO Thought next to work it is not easy to keep up with the vocab and such and sadly I’m not a natural learner. But hopefully with dedication I can get one day close to as fluent as I am now in English :slight_smile: