Silly questions i have

@gmit If you have not read the FAQ or the guide, you could try looking in one of the following threads:

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a bit slow to progress?
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Is skipping from apprentice to guru/master/enlighten/burn possible?
Is skipping levels possible?
Is there any way to make this thing go faster?
Is there ANY way to speed this up?
Is there anyway to speed wanikani up? I find this too slow.
is there any way to speed wanikani up?
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New here
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Slow progression
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The wait times are ridiciously long
Think WaniKani is slow? You’re not alone.
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This website sure starts slow…
Time between reviews for each SRS level
Too Slow
Two days until next review No lessons either
Unlocking new radicalskanji
Unnecessary waiting for new content
Wait 4hrs to review only one word
Wait times
Wanikani isn’t as slow as I expected it to be and I am disappoint.
WaniKani is so slow!
WaniKani is so slow at the start
WaniKani is so slow
WaniKani Is Too Slow!!!
Wanikani painfully slow
ways to make the learning processes faster?
way to speed up the lessons?
What do you need to do level up
When are my lessons coming
When do you get a new lesson
When may I start studying Kanji
When will WaniKani increase speed?
Why is this site soooo slow?!?!?!?
Why must it be so “slow”?
Wish the intervals between reviews were shortened. Any tips on getting to the next review faster?


I’m very ashamed of having created a topic like this in the past and now I get a notification every time you post this. Not saying you shouldn’t but each time is like a twisting of the knife. Yes, I’m dramatic. :pensive::see_no_evil: Also, it was four years ago.


Have you been updating this list? I keep forgetting to update my version

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Thread mute :wink:

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Yeah. I updated it to include the post you made with the original list (which also appears to be borrowing from other lists heh)

I couldn’t find a way to copy yours directly, so I did have to re-source every single thread. It…took a while.


First of all i want to thank you guys for taking the time to answer those reposted questions. For anyone here that suggested faq i read it briefly. But I was intersted to see if i could get more direct valuable info about the subject without rumming in the pile of info the faq throws at you. And another thing to be completly honest with you guys, oddly i find this website inconvinient…at least for me so getting you guys who know the site better than me to help was had a great value to me… anyway thank you guys alot and if you want to leave more begginer tips on thia thread you are more than welcomed :slight_smile:

In what way do you find it inconvenient? Just curious.
I remember being frustrated in the first level as well and I just wanted to move to kanji immediately. I think once you have unlocked vocabulary and you get to see how everything builds on the previous knowledge you gained, it becomes more clear.

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You know that in an FAQ you can skim over the questions to see if it matches yours? :slight_smile:


@heisamaniac bit off-topic, but you put the links to the faq and guide on a new line, so the forum will try to make a box around it. I think it tries to read the page, cannot log into WK, and displays some redirect instead. All your links now lead to the login page.

If you want a link in a new line you can put a space in front.


Depending on what exactly you find inconvenient there are also a lot of userscripts that can be used to customize (and thus hopefully improve) your experience.

Ops, haha you’re so right. Didn’t notice.

Nice avatar dude! I love Intervals

Can you expand on that topic that would help alot!!

Third Party link incoming in 3…2…1…




So, I wasted a few minutes and found out that there’s no PM system on WK. So, hey! You like Intervals too, cool! Drop some music recommendations down below!!:smiley:

Unrelated to this thread

If you know intervals you probably also know Plini and Sithu Aye but if you don’t check them out!!
If you like heavier stuff Pomagranate Tiger is awesome.
Mandroid Echostar is also a sick metal band, I recommend the album Citadels (but listen to the instrumental version I don’t like the vocalist)
Tides of Man is also cool, especially their (I think) most recent album which is also instrumental.

I can recommend from other genres too but this is all my favorite stuff that’s somewhat similar to Intervals.

If you wanna continue this conversation I’d recommend the Pseudo PMs thread

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I’ll give them a try and leave you a comment on the “metalheads unite!” thread.

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I just wandered into this thread to have a closer look at your pretty pastel avatar.


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