Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022

You need to log out and back in for the level indicator to refresh right away, unfortunately.


Oh, indeed. Thank you!

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Greetings! Started yesterday from zero. Hope will reach the top in 2022 :slight_smile:


Welcome! You can do it!

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Thank you very much! Will do my best! Currently awaiting for my next reviews… so slooow …

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\textcolor{pink}{\huge \textsf{WELCOME! ^-^}}


Take the time to check out the FAQ and GUIDE if you haven’t already.

There’s also a lot of good stuff on the forum to help you, like:

The Ultimate Guide for WK
The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!
The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

I hope your Japanese learning journey goes well and that you enjoy your time with us on the forums.


I know it seems a bit slow at the moment, but it’ll speed up soon because the reviews will start to come in more frequently as you progress, because…

You’ll see items you have at Guru 1 after a week. Then again after two weeks. Then again after a month. Then again after four months. So the longer you progress, the more reviews you’ll start to see coming back from the earliest stuff you did. Once that happens, you’ll have reviews galore.

A bit of extra about speed, if you’re at all intereted ^-^

Given how the SRS (Spaced Repetition System) works, there is a maximum possible speed at which it’s possible to progress on WaniKani; 6 days 20hours per level.

That maximum speed is because you can only progress to the next level when you’ve gotten the majority of kanji for the current level to Guru. When you level up, you get just over half of the kanji for that level unlocked and you must get these up to Guru before you unlock the rest for that level.

So if you look at the maths this way:
Note that these intervals are reduced by 50% for level 1 and 2, so they’ll go faster

Unlock Kanji = 0hrs
Apprentice 1 -> 2 = 4hrs later
Apprentice 2 -> 3 = 8hrs after that
Apprentice 3 -> 4 = 24hrs after that
Apprentice 4 -> Guru = 48hrs after that

So the total levelling time for first batch = 3 days 12 hours
You then unlock the next batch and must spend 3 days 12 hours again on those


Just adding that the intervals for level 1 and 2 are actually half of those you mentioned for items in apprentice. I explain that in my guide as well. Just so that @olek doesn’t get confused :slight_smile:


Oh yes, I always forget to mention that, I’ll amend that ^-^

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It is actually less than half. Levels 1 and 2 have a max speed of 3 days 4 hours, while the normal ones have a max speed of 6 days 20 hours.

@olek enjoy the feeling of it being too slow while it lasts. If you go perfectly max speed like me, by my level, you will have 500 reviews and 80 lessons a day on the two busiest days of the week (the less busy ones being around 100-200 reviews).

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2h + 4h + 12h + 23h x 2 = 84h = 3 days and 10h :thinking: Where did I get it wrong?

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Thx a lot! So many helpful advice! Looks like I was blessed with a great community. That’s make sense! Thank you for the detailed explanation. Got it! 500 reviews sound really scary :frowning: Neverless I now waited many hours for my next review and got one (one review 'stick" - " |" haha!). I understand that’s only the start so no problem here at all. In the meantime, I subscribed to the bunpro where I can study in addition :slight_smile:


It’s not 12 hours from 3 to 4, it is only 8. Also, it is 24 hours from 4 to to guru.

It’s not every day you teach jprspereira something. :smiley:


Oh, now I understand this speed thing. I registered myself to the WaniKani Let’s climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022 and was very curious why the champions max speed there is one week. It was a total mystery to me and right now it is clear that geniuses that do not sleep and do not make mistakes move 6d20h from lesson to lesson and it is maximum light speed of WaniKani. Very interesting indeed :slight_smile:


I’m really under the impression that it wasn’t always like this :thinking: Interesting. I checked with someone else that recently did a reset and they confirmed the 8h interval. I’m going to double check with the wanikani team and update the guide, thanks for the heads-up :slight_smile:

Always learning :heart:


It was at least like it when I started in March. Good luck seeing if you can figure out when the intervals got like that.

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Following up on this. I’m pretty sure only because of this post and the back and forth I’ve been able to get these words right. So thanks for that @MegaZeroX and @RoseEater :hugs:


And I just had my 故意 drop from Guru to apprentice 3. :frowning:


So… My schedule right now is pretty stable on ~7d +/- 1h.
I level up on Friday morning and do the second batch of kanji on Monday afternoon.

But some Monday are hectic at work and I will be more comfortable to do that stage on Sunday.

That means I need to gain level by level, with a maximum of 4h to gain!


I feel the challenge will be to gain on the nights from Thursday to Friday. Once it is done I will be able to gain bit of by bits more comfortably. Until the night from Sunday to Monday that is.

Maybe that is not that good of an idea.


I feel qualified to answer this question now I’ve reached level 20 – I definitely had trouble around level 16-17:


(and now I’ll have an annoying spike in my level-up history forever :frowning_face: )


I wouldn’t worry overly about that, it could look like this:

Look at it this way, by the time you get to 60, those spikes will be all the way down the other end of the chart.