Studying Above My Level

Scripts are “little tools” made by users to complement a website/program. In this case, there are several scripts on this forum made for WaniKani.

Here’s how to install:

Here’s a list of the scripts available for WaniKani:

Correct. Your argument seems to be very convincing :slight_smile: By doing that, you’ll expect to get an higher accuracy in your reviews, correct? Here’s the thing: people using WaniKani already have a high accuracy. I would even dare to say that everyone has a 85%+ accuracy. If you were to study the vocabulary beforehand, by how much do you think your accuracy would increase? Not much in my opinion.

I truly believe your time would be better spent on learning other things. Grammar for example, gives you a lot more possibilities to express yourself compared to knowing vocab a little better.

Also, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that WK should be your only source for the vocab that exists in it. I’m saying that doing the same process twice is not as beneficial as other options available. You could be building your own sentences with the WK vocab for example. You would still be practicing it, but in a different and more complete way.

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