How the hell do people go through levels so fast?

It looks like the ones I was thinking of have gone private, unfortunately, but you could check out this playlist. The videos I was thinking of were a little more grammar focused which I prefer, but both are entirely in (extremely simple and repetitive) Japanese. Maybe you’ll find the direct-method easier. I would recommend using something like Tae Kim or Imabi to supplement what you’re seeing in the videos to help you make sense of them.

Also speaking of decks, I started with one organized by JLPT level for vocab for N5 and N4 before switching to one for Tobira arranged by chapter. If you do go with a textbook and do want to stick with SRS for learning vocab, I recommend that you use one focused around whatever textbook you are using (for example I was using JLPT prep books) so that you immediately start encountering your new vocab “in the wild” -ish.

Does anyone else know similar Japanese-only Japanese teaching youtube channels? Most of the ones I know require you to already have some under your belt already.

As for a repo (do you mean depot?), is this what you want?

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