Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022

Who needs sleep, research progress, or video games when you can level up 2 hours quicker in WK?


I need sleep :sob:


Same here need for sleep… Jealous so much to these extra 4h you save every level. For me, I can only consider them as a way to balance schedule misses. Intentional or not.
Barely can imagine living with schedule moving -4h every week. :scream:


I missed one review, which means that I’ll level up 2 days later than expected. Bah… on the other hand, I have too many apprentice items as it is, so it’s probably for the best in the long run.

Love it! It even looks like Tokyo Skytree!!! Thank you!


Never been to Japan, no idea why I’m learning Japanese but lets do this!

hopefully I can do 1 per week or so… yet level 2 is probably nothing compared to level 60 :sweat:


\textcolor{pink}{\huge \textsf{WELCOME! ^-^}}

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Nice to have you on board! I think a lot of us are just leaning Japanese because we want to, like the culture, the media, the country, or a hundred other reasons. Don’t worry too much about the why and just enjoy the journey ^-^


common word which sound a bit similar is переживать to worry, example “Не переживай!” (Don’t worry!)


When I went to the Skytree, I didn’t know I needed a reservation, so when I got there, it was all booked up and I wasn’t able to ascend a single floor :joy: I enjoyed the gift shop at the bottom. Every level up I make on WK is a step beyond that gift shop! :muscle:


Level 18! Slowly climbing.

I didn’t know that either. Thanks for telling me! I hope you get to go back some day and go to the top. Maybe the same day that you get to the top here?!


Ouch, that hurts.
So it’s the same as Eiffel Tower?
Back then on my trip in Paris I just didn’t have enough time to take a queue (even with reservation) so I just gave up on climbing there.
Regarding Skytree… will think about it, so thank you for warning regarding reservation issues - didn’t know it as well.


What a cute idea! Maybe by the time I get there, we’ll actually be allowed to travel again :joy:

As for the reservation, it may depend on what time you go. I think I was there during Golden Week, so it was especially busy with Japanese tourists. It’s possible that you can get a walk-in ticket during less busy periods, but always better to be safe than sorry if it’s an important destination for you!


Is it that important? :wink:

\textcolor{pink}{\huge \textsf{LEVEL UP!}}
After 61 days on level 13, I’m finally climbing the tower agian!


Wait did the colors in your avatar suddenly change or is WK destroying my non-Japanese memory?

Is it possible to actually climb Tokyo Skytree? I mean, are there stairs that the public can climb? As that would be something cool to do, though I guess there isnt. In the meantime, Im gonna smash Wanikani next year and I`ll meet you guys at the top for some crabinator consommé! Good luck guys!


Yes! At least some of the way.


That’s Tokyo Tower, not Skytree…

Here’s the website for Skytree - as far as I can see it is elevator-only for the public. (see Joeni’s comment below, excerpted from this blog)

I found this:

The first observation deck sits at 350 metres above ground and can be reached in 50 seconds via a glass-ceilinged elevator. The second deck, which features a dizzying glass floor, is a further 30 seconds away at 450 metres high. And there’s always the emergency staircase – all 2,523 steps of it – if you’re feeling particularly energetic.


You have excellent sleuthing skills!


The Google-Fu is strong in me.