Show screenshots of your Scriptify'd Dashboard

Thought I’d add this here for people to be able to see multiple scripts in action. Hope this would be the right place for it.

And if possible, list the scripts you’re using? I’ll go first and try to remember what I’m using, I may have to edit.

  • WaniKani Breeze Dark (dark theme easy on the eyes)
  • WaniKani SRS grid (
  • WaniKani Sounds (cool little beeps! and sad mistake beeps)
  • WaniKani Real Numbers (replace 42+ with real number)
  • WaniKani Ultimate Timeline (review schedule explorer)
  • WaniKani Review SRS/Level Indicator (show current SRS level and how many left before leveling up)
  • WaniKani LevelUP Celebrator (celebration notification of level ups and other achievements!)
  • Jitai (display reviews in randomized kanji fonts)
  • WaniKani Egg Timer (timer during reviews and final time afterward)
  • WK Custom Review Question (KunOn+) displays On or KUN
  • Golden Burn (burned items gold)
  • Lesson/Review Count in Forums

I also use KaniWani.

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There is already a similar thread called “Show me your dashboard” or something, but I don’t mind a new thread.

CBA to list all my scripts, tbh. If anyone wonders about them just ask.

Alright I'll do it

Not all are activated.

  • Kanji Highlighter
  • NHK Furigana Toggle
  • Renbow h4x
  • Vocabulary for Wanikani
  • Wanikani - Christmas Kappa Edition (broken, probably?)
  • Wanikani ALC
  • Wanikani Burn Reviews
  • Wanikani Dashboard Active Topics Filter (broken, probably?)
  • Wanikani Dashboard Progress Plus
  • Wanikani Denial Mode
  • Wanikani DotDotDot Expander (broken???)
  • Wanikani Egg Timer
  • Wanikani Example Sentences
  • Wanikani External Frame Placer
  • Wanikani Forum Lesson/Review Status
  • Wanikani Golden Burn
  • Wanikani Improve
  • Wanikani Katakana Madness
  • Wanikani Lesson Ordering II
  • Wanikani Lesson Tab Transmutation
  • Wanikani Lesson User Synonyms
  • Wanikani Level Duration
  • Wanikani LevelUP Celebrator
  • Wanikani Lightning Mode
  • Wanikani Mistake Delay
  • Wanikani On’yomi in Katakana
  • Wanikani Override
  • Wanikani Part-of-Speech
  • Wanikani Phonetic-Semantic Composition
  • Wanikani Post Search Direct Link (broken)
  • Wanikani Procrastination Annihilation
  • Wanikani Quick Info KT
  • Wanikani Random Font (doesn’t work with the theme?)
  • Wanikani Real Numbers
  • Wanikani Real Times
  • Wanikani Recent Topics Filter
  • Wanikani Reorder Ultimate 2
  • Wanikani Review Count Analysis
  • Wanikani Review SRS/Level Indicator
  • Wanikani Review Wrong Info Click
  • Wanikani SRS Grid
  • Wanikani Stroke Order
  • Wanikani Super Burn Happy Script
  • Wanikani Tab Notification
  • Wanikani Timeline
  • Wanikani True Result
  • Wanikani Turtle Total
  • Wanikani Ultimate Timeline
  • WK Auto Commit
  • WK Community Mnemonics
  • WK Custom Review Question (KunOn+)
  • WK Do You Even Kana?
  • WK Forums Hide User’s Posts
  • WK Overlay

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There were a few that you use that I wondered about. If there’s anything I didn’t list that I use that you think is super handy, let me know!

I’m sorry for the similar thread, I think I did a quick search on scripts and dashboard, because I wanted to see both those things. I’ll take a look at the other thread!

I just took a minimalist approach, but with that lovely extra data. Removed all that forums and recent unlock stuff along the bottom, cause who needs it?

Updated with links:
WaniKani Condensed Progress Bars (by yours truly)
WaniKani Dashboard Progress Plus
WaniKani Golden Burn
WaniKani Real Numbers
WaniKani Ultimate Timeline
WaniKani SRS grid (by yours truly)
And then some custom, unpublished, css styling

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Would you mind linking us to the add ons you used? I really like how yours looks and I’d like to use some of those.

edit: This was supposed to be a reply to @DaisukeJigen not sure why it didn’t register as that.

Added my list of scripts. If anyone is wondering about anything, it’s in the list, just ask which one.

If you reply to the last post, it never shows a ‘reply to…’ link. It just assumes it’s obvious.

Thank you Kumirei! Now rate each one, with a personal description, with arrows pointing to it on your screen, and linked! :smiling_imp:

Haha, just kidding. Even I didn’t want to link them all, and I don’t have very many yet.

The ones I am the most conscious of using (I don’t even notice most anymore), which you don’t have, are:

  • Vocabulary for Wanikani
    Displays current apprentice vocab and their progress on the dashboard
  • Wanikani Dashboard Progress Plus
    Displays progress of current level’s radicals and kanji on dashboard
  • Wanikani Reorder Ultimate 2
    Reorders reviews and lessons
  • Wanikani Level Duration
    Displays how long you’ve been on the current level, on dashboard
  • Wanikani Lightning Mode
    Skips animations and such during reviews to make transitions faster
  • Wanikani Mistake Delay
    If you make a mistake this ensures you can’t go to the next item right away (by mistake)
  • Wanikani Override
    Let’s you disregard incorrect answers
  • WK Auto Commit
    Automatically presses enter when you have entered the correct answer
  • WK Do You Even Kana?
    Makes sure okurigana matches

@Kumirei ありがとうございます。(Is there such a thing as exclamation marks, or do I yo or something?)

This makes it much easier for me! While I purposely don’t want a few that might be popular (not yet anyway), there are some that I was very curious about.

あるよ!!!!<t(=_=t) Screw you 10 character limit>

What is (or are) the script that indicates the percentage you are through your radicals and kanji? And what are you suing to show the progress around each circle?

After adding a few of Kumirei’s, and the above, I think I’ll be set for awhile!

That’s Wanikani Dashboard Progress Plus, no?

edit: it’s currently not working with the userstyle, but he said he’ll fix that tomorrow, maybe.

Ah, I was going through the whole list, found that, and realized I already had it installed. I thought it was because I just leveled up and need to make some progress before it shows me anything.

Yeah, to get that to work with the userstyle we’re using would be great!

@tiamo @spookypixel

WaniKani Condensed Progress Bars (by yours truly)
WaniKani Dashboard Progress Plus
WaniKani Golden Burn
WaniKani Real Numbers
WaniKani Ultimate Timeline
WaniKani SRS grid (by yours truly)
And then some custom, unpublished, css styling


Thanks, hadn’t seen the Condensed Progress Bars script before! Very nice

Sorry, total computer scrub here. What is a script and how do you implement them? All your shots look cool…
wistful admiration of those who understand technology

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I try to put screenshots of my scripts when i post them because its a lot easier to show than describe most of the time. At the moment i’m keeping pretty light on my scripts because i want to make a dent in my 2600+ reviews, im using my own scripts WK No Cigar and WK Do You Even Kana. I also have the reorder script installed but don’t want to prematurely jump levels so i only use it to troubleshoot the radical component behaviour for kanji reviews in WK Overlay

How do you do screenshot all the way from top to bottom? I mean scroll’d.