Lessons not coming quick enough in level 3

So to make sure I’m right, when you level up you do the radicals and kanji to unlock next level and when you’re with those and waiting for radicals to guru and kanji to guru, you do the vocab in level before that you have spared for a bit?
So you’re basically always 1 level of vocab behind?
If so, I’d like to try that out and know how to get that script (and how scripts work on wanikani)

The way it works for me is like this:

I level up
I get a block of lessons (seems to be anywhere from 40-90 new reviews)
With the script I use, I put radicals and new kanji first… generally this is 20-30 of the new lessons
After I level those up, I begin doing a minimum of 20 new lessons the next day or 2 days later
Since it takes me about 4 days to get to the next SRS level for the radicals/Kanji I learned, I try to make sure to zero out all the lessons over those 4 days
After the 4th day I get the new radicals and kanji up to Guru, which opens up new lessons of Vocab and Kanji
I then learn the kanji right away with the script and leave the new Vocab (can be 60-90 of new lessons in my experience) to start the following day or 2

I always ensure I have 0 new lessons when I know I will guru radicals and kanji and if I don’t, I knock them out as quickly as possible.

If you want to try it this way, you need to first install TamperMonkey. Do a search for TamperMonkey add on for your browser of choice and get it from the official Chrome or Firefox add on “store.”

Next you want the WaniKani Open Framework.

Once you have the Framework installed, I use WaniKani Lesson Filter to filter the lessons to give me radicals/kanji first.

There are a TON of useful WK scripts besides just this one and I would encourage you to look through this thread to find the ones that are useful to your method of study.

Good luck!