Stats and how I'd like to see them

I’m not sure whether there are third-party apps that collect statistics… I was bored while waiting for new reviews and lessons, so I PHP’ed myself a stat-page. I’m posting a screenshot here as an exemplar of what would be really informative to have, in case the WK developers are looking for hints of how to improve the experience. Wonder what the other users would say.

The first graph shows the hourly stats for each section; the bottom left shows the cards movement between sections (the trend goes negative when more cards move, for instance, from guru to apprentice than to the opposite direction); the bottom right is for shiwing the percentage of critical words.

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Here is a stats page that is very popular here:

I’ve been here for 3 years. Hourly stats sounds a little bit overwhelming. @___@


I know you’re speaking from experience, but I’d like to see weekly data. I was dissapointed to receive the weekliy digest emails with almoust no data. And also I’m a bit obsessive type of a person, I need weekly stats in maximum resolution. :slight_smile:


Wanikani has been around for a while now (4-5 years?). It receives periodic tweaks but by and large is not under active development. Tofugu has been working steadily on their EtoEto online textbook series.

Wanikani could use some nice integrated stats but I suspect anything like that won’t happen until EtoEto is released.

Until that time, we have to make due with community-developed resources, of which there is a lot of quality stuff, fortunately.


Yeah, like @tmahrt said: waiting will get you nowhere.

Luckely people before have alreaady faced with this problem and created this:
/WaniKani-API-Google-Docs-Awesomeness/8068 It is done by using google docs to gather data.

Or if you have your own server (or any machine that is up long enough) you can use this script to periodically download your progress. It is written in bash so your computer must be linux based. Raspberry-Pi is ideal for this.

I’ve already made an app for myself (on the screenshot), thank you very much. Again, I simply wanted to share what stats should look like in my opinion.

Are still interested in making an app? I would love to help. I’ve been looking for a coding project and I was thinking of doing something similar to this for myself

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