About those so called 'leeches'

This way is kinda only convenient if you have burned items:

Look through your radical, kanji, and vocabulary levels. For example, look at the Pleasant list for vocabulary. These are some of the first words you’ve ever studied. Let’s say you’ve burned most of level 1 (blacked out words). Any words that aren’t blacked out means you haven’t burned them yet, even though the rest in that list already have been. Those are leeches, they should have been burned a long time ago like the rest of those words.

If you don’t have a lot of burns in any levels yet, then it’ll be harder to clearly tell. You could click each word and see what level it is, and figure out the average. If your level 1 words are mostly in the same group (mostly all guru/master/enlightened), but there’s a few that are a level or two lower, those are leeches too.

You could also keep a note file/write down any words during your reviews that you know for a fact give you trouble, or you know you learned a long time ago.

There’s also apps and userscripts in the forums you can use which will help you figure out what words are leeches. Some apps do it automatically, and some apps let you decide how old or underleveled a word needs to be for it to be considered a leech.

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