How much time do you spend on a level?

This is good to know! My average is 11-12 days and I assumed 7 days is the norm based on some posts I’ve read here. So for level 7 I did my best to level up 7 days, I was able to but it stressed me out quite a bit tbh


how long do people spend on a level?

Go at the speed that works for you. This isn’t a contest it’s all about you learning and enjoying the process.

Well, maybe not ENJOYING the process, maybe more like not hating it and keeping at it…

My typical level up is 8-10 days. I zero my reviews every day. Lessons I try to space out. I know I can nicely learn and remember about 15 at a time unless it is radicals, in which case I will knock them all out since it is easier remembering one part vs the 2 needed for Kanji/vocab.

I knock Kanji out the day they open, at least the first and second passes. If I can’t get the Kanji to step 3 before a day is out, I will do the lessons for it the next day.

Either way though, welcome to the community, welcome to WK, and above all, enjoy your LEARNING experience!


Right now the speed for any given level seems to depend on how quickly I catch up on all available vocabulary from the previous level to get the radicals done.


Around 16-18 days per level for me. And even that is a demanding speed for me…


No, as I mentioned earlier they are outliers. You are good, take it slow and make sure you don’t burn out. Slow and strategy like a turtle.

Nice username :smile: I presume you are a One Piece fan :love_you_gesture:t2:

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Thanks, and yesss! I’m loving absolutely loving the wano kuni arc

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Now I’m here with 81 review coming until the evening, which I will clear after work.

Wanikani is really ruthless, I missed just one busy review day and it piled up like crazy. I could barely keep up with the new incoming reviews, let alone get the overall pile down.

Now I’m kind of back on track, but that’s really scary.

Don’t be like me and take on too many lessons at the same time. This was my last level:

Learn from my mistake!


What happened? Was it just a traffic jam of reviews? Or you had to take some time to catch up on the vocab lessons?

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I’ve found that 3 kanji + 10 vocab per day is a sweet spot for me. It keeps me at 11-15 days per level without an avalanche of reviews. When I tried to do all the lessons at once or big chunks of 40 lessons per day I ended up burning out. I’ve already reset twice, and I’m not letting it happen again!


Glad to see you back!


Yeah, I think having so many reviews at the same time caused me to forget too many and I wasn’t able to see to the new vocal and kanji frequently enough for the spaced repetition thing to do it’s thing.

My correct answer % dropped way down. Also at the time I had this really strange migraine that I still kind of have. Not sure if it messed up my memory but I did keep up with my reviews everyday, it just wasn’t enough to ever get close to 0 as they would all be back in my queue within the next two days!

My apprentice item count is now back down to 143 (it was close to 500 at the worst stage), so I’m really hesitant about taking on any lessons right now. Will try to get it below 100 and keep it there if possible.

Never posted before, but as a grown up with grown up responsibilities, when things are going really well I get a 7-8 day level. Then life things happen, and I end up with several months on level. I figure as long as I’m coming back and doing SOMETHING, it’s okay. I’m currently, right now, fighting through the tail end of an 1100 review backlog, and I’ve spent 146 days on this level. 98 items to clear, and then I can try to move on. Progress is progress, and I just need to not let the kanji apathy defeat me! =)


I try to be consistent with my level times, and what I’m noticing is that the further I get, the harder it becomes. Before leveling up, I always try to make sure my lesson stack is 0, but the past few levels have been a real challenge and I got really backed up during the last level, getting up to 170 lessons. I was able to knock out about 30-60 per day for several days, and now it’s back down to 50.

A big obstacle of this speed is that it will be mid-December before I actually burn anything, and I started at the end of June. At my current pace, I’ll be around level 24 at that point, and until then every lesson that I learn from levels 1-23 will be in the review piles.

On the levels where I’m able to keep less than 3 kanji from resetting SRS stages, I level up in about 7.5 days. The days that are about 8.5, I got more than 3 wrong which reset their stages. The longest level up was level 4, and that’s because I took a few days off for a family vacation.

The reason I’m going at such a fast pace is that I want to move to Japan as quickly as possible. I figure being able to read will be pretty useful! I practice by reading all 3 context sentences for each vocab lesson, and looking up words I don’t know. It’s very time consuming to do it that way, but I’m able to because I prioritize WaniKani over everything else right now, except school and work.

All that being said, you should go at a pace that will push you just barely beyond what you think you can handle. The most important thing is to pace yourself and make sure you don’t lose determination. Stay diligent and do not what makes you comfortable necessarily, but what pushes you to be better! If going quickly makes you want to stop, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going slowly. Consistency is much more important than speed.

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It depends! My longest has been 13-15 days, on summer or winter break my shortest was 7 days, I’d like to go slower but since my mom is the one who pays, I want to finish as soon as I can with what I have! :joy: But if miraculously the annual offer happens this year, I’ll be much more patient with myself.

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If you haven’t already check out the Forum Guidelines and the Wanikani User Guide .
There’s also tonnes of things on the forums to help you on your way such as The guide, The Ultimate resource list, and API and Third Party Apps.

If you have any questions, check out this thread; but if this doesn’t answer your questions, feel free to create a thread, or email The Wanikani staff.

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@pilimeds The Annual offer happens every year, from memory its somewhere around the 18th Dec to the 8th Jan. It does happen each year though.


it depends™️

I would say about 2 weeks per level? My daily practice is 10 words/day. I tend not to stress myself with the learning process hence, i take it slowly. There are days where I don’t feel like learning. I’m still stuck at few vocabs, kanjis from previous levels. So yeah, I don’t think intend on stressing myself with the pace, so find whichever pace you’re comfortable with =D


I was pretty speedy the first 20 levels but then I slowed down drastically. Now it’s about 1-2 months per level but it’s ok. I don’t want to be hard on myself especially as I also have an online lesson once a week and a lot of homework I have to do for it. Not to mention my job projects, other studies, family, etc. As long as I go further, it’s ok :sweat_smile:


Hi! I think that 11 days is a pretty good average. I am currently at the end of level 8 and my average is probably very similar. We could definitely do it a bit faster, but on assumption that we are extremely regular with doing lessons and reviews, which is hardly possible if you have a normal life with work, family etc. :slight_smile: