Must Have Scripts!

Hey everyone, I was wondering what were some must have scripts that are still working!? Right now the only one I’m using right now is wanikani override and jitai. If anybody has recommendations I would really appreciate it as I’ve tried several others but most of them seem to no longer be working.

Ultimate Timeline

JackTsuchiyama said... Ultimate Timeline
 Is there a link to the chat? you know, with the search thing broken...
magiconic said...
JackTsuchiyama said... Ultimate Timeline
 Is there a link to the chat? you know, with the search thing broken...
 /t/The-New-And-Improved-List-Of-API-and-Third-Party-Apps/7694/1 and (CTRL + F) to find any scripts mentioned here.

Just tried the new stats site linked on the forum! It gives a lot of useful info and its pretty motivating seeing the estimated JLPT level projection dates :slight_smile: I’m definitely going to bookmark the page. I also installed ultimate timeline and looks like it’ll definitely help with being more efficient when deciding when to study

Golden Burn and Level-Up Celebrator

No added learning value, but two of my favourites. Golden Burn especially. When I log on to WK on my work computer it just looks so depressing.

Similar Items and Item Marker

These do have learning value. I’ve found them both really useful, especially for when you start getting weighed down with leeches in later levels.

If you are interested in learning stroke orders you can use the WaniKani Stroke Order script. I find it useful since I also practice writing kanji.

Another useful one is the Wanikani Reorder Ultimate 2 script, it lets you control the order during lessons and reviews. But it must be used with extreme caution, for example if you use it to level up faster by ordering the radical and kanji lessons first, you might end up with a backlog of vocab lessons, and that’s not pretty at all trust me. I only use it to get rid of the radical lessons first.

lists with useful scripts: /t/User-script-list/14772/1

Mempo said... lists with useful scripts: /t/User-script-list/14772/1
 Great resource, thanks for sharing.

I also use “No cigar”, since WK sucks at spell check. Coupled with WK Override, in case I type in synonyms, or I forgot what it is called in English.

Also WK Item Marker, but it’s getting too many marked lately.

Scripts with no learning value? My favorite all time is Level-Up celebrator. I can see Nano every I level up or thousand burns. I also use Renbow Hacks, and WK Christmas Edition.