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gtsui87 said…
Is there anything that let you compare kanjis side by side? I get confused a lot of times when there are similar kanji, would be nice to see the differences in writing.

kosensei said…
I know lots of people will not care about the Kanji strokes, but that’s something I would love to complete the amazing system you guys created here to learn Japanese. I know nowadays as long as you learn grammar, how to read a kanji, and so on that looks pretty much all. But even other webs such as Jisho.org has got the draws orders still is something I miss in here. I think when you learn how to write a Kanji you learn it faster. Not as a lesson itself, but just the drawing animation would be a plus. 


EDIT: FFS already a new page. repost previous response:

shikaji said…thanks. well, three times would’ve been the charm ^^