What's the best way to tackle a Vocab Backlog

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The only drawback is the number of reviews you’ll have and the shockwaves this will cause. I had a stack of 680 lessons that I did at a rate of about 60 a day and managed it just fine, but it’s been lockdown and I’ve had plenty of time. So long as you’re aware that you’ll have 100 reviews come back from each of those items in a week, a month, two months, etc. It’s not all that bad, in the grand scale of things.

As @seanblue says - staying script free in terms of the order of lessons is one of the best things you can do, I abused the reorder script too much and ended up having to do the same thing you are and it’s not great. It also defeats the point of vocabulary being there to reinforce your kanji learning. Now, when I level up, I’ve got all my vocab to do, which reinforces the kanji that will come up for review in the near future.

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