How NOT to get to level 60. My experience with WaniKani

I can’t give you an exact number, really. But essentially, if you gonna race for level 60 you should aim for perfection.
85-ish% seems a bit low to me, but as long as you keep your apprentice count around 150, the workload should stay manageable. Don’t do any lessons until you get the apprentice count to those numbers. This will, of course, slow you down. It all depends on your personal goals, at the end.

Yes, as long as you guru 90% the Kanji on a given level, WaniKani will let you proceed with the following level, no matter how large your apprentice count is. That is the only requirement. So it all comes to you on managing your workload.

I’d just add that going fast isn’t necessarily going to send tons of things back to apprentice, but making mistakes in reviews does.

You’ll want to check the compilation list. I’m still adding scripts to my workflow and will make a separate post explaining what works for me, maybe. WK Improve is a good start, in my opinion.

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