DEPRECATED TOPIC: English - Japanese vocabulary recall tool: KaniWani

Telmann said... I am not the sharpest tool in the box computerwise. What exactly is an API? I thought it was for developers or something like that? Do I need an API to do kaniwani? If so, how do I get one?

 API: Application-Programming-Interface
Or simply the API provides you with usable variables, functions etc to make coding easier.
This is usually used for systems like WK where the community should be able to create their own content/functions/apps/...

The API key, which can be found in the "account settings" or at the "API" page is used for the KaniWani (which is a website administrated by someone of our community) to know which userdata to use (aka the "api key" tells the system which user's data to refer to).

Technically if somebody has your API key they can mess up your progress etc, but I think every usercontent so far is safe to use and many to most are great to supplement your WK studies.
So just be cautious to not tell everybody your API key, but you don't have to worry about applications like KaniWani etc.

Here's a list of useful community content btw: