Hello! Can you help me?

I’m new to WaniKani and would love some new tips and or tricks.
Any help?

  1. Do your reviews
  2. Don’t not do your reviews


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… kumi’s just bullying you. Most of the time she gives very helpful introductions to most newbies, but she’s somehow discriminating against you. Also stay away from the forums, it’s a rainbow colored whirlpool that sucks you in distracting you from point #1 and rarely most times #2.


Being witty isn’t enough anymore


Welcome @glendlexan!

Make sure to read the FAQ and the Guide, there is a lot of good info in these for new users. If you’re looking for further resources check out the community compiled list of resources. For extra features and fixes for those small things which keep bugging you consult The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps.

I hope you’ll have a good time here with us and am looking forward to seeing you around!

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