Level 10, Genki I + II, now what?

I’ve yet to do Genki I and II, but the recommendation I’ve seen most often is to do Tobira. It all depends on what you’re focussing on. If you’re looking for to do N3 in July then Tobira is probably a good shout as it takes you up to that level more or less. You don’t get 100% of N3 kanji until you hit level 50 of WaniKani, but depending on your levelling speed, you might have done about 50 to 60% of the N3 by then; Tobira covers most of the N3 kanji, if I recall correctly. You can always subliment with the Kenzan Master N3 book if you really want to cram for it.

If you want to drill grammar, I’ll always recommend BunPro, it’s a good way to keep it all in your head and you can unlock items in there along a Tobira track as well as by the genki books, so you can refresh what you know from there. I find it great, personally.

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