Getting Caught Up on Reviews

Doing any number of reviews, no matter how small will make a difference, Try not to get discouraged if you get ones wrong or coming back, becuase you learn them better the more you see them.
I’d also second not doing lessons until your reviews are back under control then you can find an amount and spacing for lessons that will help keep it that way if you don’t already have one.
In the future, if you have a forewarned break or a planned one for more than a few days or if you usually have a high review amount, I’d suggest turning on vacation mode (bottom of this page for easy access) when possible, which basically freezes the SRS.
Idk if you use userscripts, but of you find yourself discouraged by things like the correct percentage in reviews or want to do the most important stuff first, then the API and Third Party Apps section might be worth your time. I use [Userscript] WaniKani Prioritize Overdue Reviews (reorder script) since ti doesn’t have the potential to be incorrectly used by my lack of self control as much as other scripts, and makes me feel like the few reviews i get through in a day are more meaningful.
Hope that helped : )

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