Race to Your Goal! December 2020 JLPT

Not automatically, but there is an ignore script in which you can hit escape to ignore wrong answers - you can ignore any wrong answer, but it takes a great deal of self control to only ignore genuine typo’s and not “oh I totally knew that!” words - it has ruined a great many people. But yes, there’s a script for everything :rofl:

Do you use any/many scripts? If not, you should consider checking out the API thread. Regarding reviewing, rfindley’s lightning mode script and the override (ignore) script are two I consider essential:
API thread
Lightning Mode
Ignore Script

The lightning mode script makes it so you don’t have to hit enter twice every time you enter an item. It saves a lot of time in 200+ review piles. Any time you hit enter, if the answer is correct, the review moves straight on to the next item automatically.