Race to Your Goal! December 2020 JLPT

Grats to the following people!



@pepperdove Absolutely agree.
“One day I want to go there and read a book in a cafe.”
I am also very likely to do this, if I ever make it to Japan.

Looks like level 17 is going to be a 10+ day venture… The last few review sessions have alway been around 75%. Well… there is room for improvement. Also i have to use a diffent computer in the morning, which means i don’t have my overwrite script to correct speed-related typos.


Can’t you use Firefox Portable and put all of your extensions and firefox on an USB key then use it on the other computer?

There’s a script for that??

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Not automatically, but there is an ignore script in which you can hit escape to ignore wrong answers - you can ignore any wrong answer, but it takes a great deal of self control to only ignore genuine typo’s and not “oh I totally knew that!” words - it has ruined a great many people. But yes, there’s a script for everything :rofl:

Do you use any/many scripts? If not, you should consider checking out the API thread. Regarding reviewing, rfindley’s lightning mode script and the override (ignore) script are two I consider essential:
API thread
Lightning Mode
Ignore Script

The lightning mode script makes it so you don’t have to hit enter twice every time you enter an item. It saves a lot of time in 200+ review piles. Any time you hit enter, if the answer is correct, the review moves straight on to the next item automatically.


Sadly not. It’s a computer at work. I am allowed to use it during my breaks as long as i don’t install anything or use an USB-device… also the only browser is Edge.

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I don’t use any! Thank you; I’ll definitely take a look at all of these later.

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I’m here, signing up!

I signed up for the Olympians thread, but it sounds like this one’s deadline is a little later, which is nice for me. I just started WK yesterday, but I’ve been dabbling in Japanese for a little while now. So, I’m hoping WK comes to me a little easier than if I had no previous skills.

I’m not sure I’ll hit level 60 by December 2020, but why not try, right?

I’m hoping to take N5 or N4 in Ohio or Philly this year, and then do N3 or N2 in 2020.

Let’s do this, guys!


man, i just bumped 4 guru’d kanji from level 7 back down to apprentice. Not really what I expected.

Guess I’ll take some time to relearn them now, so they won’t become leeches because :frowning:
The level 8 kanji are going well enough though.


Let’s go! I want to join! :muscle:

I’m taking my first JLPT in July (oh god, only ONE MONTH AWAY?!) and hopefully I’ll be taking the next level in December 2020! Let’s get this bread :bread:


Welcome! I’m glad you made it over! I added you to the leaderboard.

You might surprise yourself about hitting level 60, but at worst you’ll know more than now, right? Good luck! Do your best! And you can always change your goal later, if you want to.


Hey, welcome! Glad to have you!
What level of the JLPT are you taking?

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Oh, I hate it when that happens :weary:
You’ll get them back pretty quickly, though!

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I’m taking N4! I’ve been studying like crazy lately. Those darn conditionals are driving me bananas. But hopefully I pass and will be able to take either N3 or N2 in December 2020!


I just installed Lightning Mode. This script really deserves its name. I finished my reviews in less than half the time.


I’m already in the olympics race thread but still reading this thread here every once in a while.

So I’m just super quickly jumping in here to tell you that your little happy avatar is making me happy every time I see it, @CassLinTheSky. I hope that @sad-axolotl can be this happy one day too :wink:

If anyone feels like talking about the JLPT btw, we have a thread for this years JLPT over here by the way: JLPT 2019!

Only 32 days to go until the July JLPT. :scream: But 550 days until the December 2020 JLPT that you guys are aiming for. Looking forward to see how much we all have improved until then!


Yay! Axolotl-san is happy to hear that.
This photo is also my PC wallpaper, so it’s always fun to hear my students ええええええ?! and scream every time he pops up. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello everyone! I’m joining that race for JLPT and I hope that will be doable in 500+ days. My speed is not persistent, but I’ll do my best.


Here’s to hoping …

I kind of hit a wall again and I’ve been stuck on level 18 for three weeks almost. I can’t seem to memorize those darn kanjis…

Just gotta push through and be a happy axolotl just like @CassLinTheSky