I am the Kanji Master™ (Lv 60 self-indulgement post)

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah! Realizing that honestly helped me so much. …maybe not in my review percentage, but in my confidence despite that (my average is like 93% it’s truly not that bad)

Thanks! I tried making it enjoyable. Enjoy the Ignore script! Just don’t get sucked in too much :wink:
Also good luck on N2!

I hope you are too! It’s a fun combination of “I did it!” and “oh god now what” lol

The line between WK and general existence has blurred. Nothing is distinguishable. Entropy has consumed. Perhaps this crab alligator fella can guide us to solace. totally not a cult


Congratulations :smile: :cake: :confetti_ball: :tada:

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Congrats!!! This post made me laugh. Look out for mine in 2045! :sweat_smile:


Congrats! It was a fun post to read, and I’m going to follow your advice and start reading Japanese texts even though I’m at a single digit WK level and the texts seem daunting.

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おめでとう漢字先生 :bowing_woman:



Congratulations, @pahko!

Hope you enjoy the gold badge. Is it true what they say about the cake?

Now you can read everything everywhere, right?

Much of my post is sarcastic… I know it’s not true… But seriously, congrats! ;D

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おめでとうございます! :wink:
美味しいケーキはどうぞ :cake::cake::cake:

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Thank you thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Woah there slow down. Don’t wanna burn out :wink:

Do it! I mean, probably start with simple stuff aimed at beginners. Don’t necessarily dive in head first to a meaty text if it’s gonna make you frustrated. Obviously I’m not much of a go-to on reading recos right now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Other learning sources can also help flesh out your reading comprehension.

Literally lol’d :rofl:

Oh I will And yeah! Totally true. Koichi contacted me and said he’d hand-deliver the cake to my door by Tuesday. Such service!

Absolutely! What’s cool is I’m also fluent in Chinese now. That’s how kanji works, right?

ありがとうございます!!! @AnimeCanuck see??? The cake practically falls out of the sky now


Yup! That’s true in my experience too. I can read some menu items at restaurants, and some signage at the Chinese Mall. However, my Chinese level is directly proportionate to my WK level… I look forward to being fluent at level 60. Nice to know it becomes effortless.

Really excited to hear Koichi hand delivers, too.
What did he say when he appeared on your doorstep? Did he stay and enjoy it with you? Did you serve him wine and cheese? (That’s required, right?)

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Congratulations !

But i read you’re using script ? how is it work ?

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Look, I can’t give ALL the level-60 secrets away. …that’s why instead I’ll catch it all on security footage and sell it for profit.

Hopefully this thread plus its “How to use userscripts” link towards the top will answer all of your questions :slight_smile:
Also thanks!


How much?
What formats do you have it on?

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Awesome congratulations!

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Cost can be negotiated. Footage will be released on Laserdisc and Betamax.


@Pep95 I can’t quote your post on mobile but:
how the tables have turned also thank you :slight_smile:


I’ve got access to a Beta VCR.
I think a friend of mine might still have laser disc, too… Don’t know if that player still works though.

Actually serious about both of those formats. Grew up with Beta in the house! My Dad still has that somewhere… I think.


Same, except I know where it is. I randomly found the player the last time I visited my parents. The cables were missing, though, but I assume they must be in that general vicinity. :thinking:

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I have an idea of where it might be - somewhere in the depths of my Dad’s computer room is the most likely location…

A part of me thinks I saw it in the living room “not too long ago” though… although that might’ve been 10 years ago when I still lived at home… I really am uncertain - there are so many electronics at my parents place, many of them stacked upon each other…

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I appreciate the shout out to userscripts- they are my best friend now XD


Yeah there’s some real good stuff out there for all sorts of things. Shoutout to all the script devs making thousands of lives very slightly fuller :slight_smile: (Kumirei seanblue and rfindley come to mind offhand, I know there’s loads more)

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