Try again list

We have ability to create a list of answers that are accepted as correct for each word.

I would like to be able to customise a list that contains words that force me to try again (different from marking the answer as wrong or correct)

I quite often zoom through reviews and make silly mistakes that if i was forced to retry it/think about it for a few seconds I would get it correct. Its very demotivating to lose progress on an item because i accidently typed the answer to a similar looking kanji or typed in japanese rather than english.

Im sure WK stans will say “well you should be more careful” well that just my nature not to be and I am sure it is not other peoples nature too and little things like this can culminative and lead to lengthy demotivating review sessions which have on a couple of occasion led to quitting. I believe this would be a good addition and lead to more sticky customers.

You can do something similar with userscripts. You could try using the double check script, which allows you to press a retry button after you answer. I use it in the same situations you do, where sometimes I accidentally rush through or make typos, and in those situations I can just retry and put in the correct answer. It’s easy to abuse, though, so try to only use it when you are confident you have the answer and it won’t affect your learning.

You can find the userscript here:

and if you don’t already know how to install them, there’s an easy guide right here:

There are a lot more userscripts available to use, and this is a list containing a lot of useful ones you could use to customize WaniKani:

Hope you find this useful.

Thanks I will definately look into this. I almost threw my laptop out of the door this morning in frustration over a typo this morning, so if this works (on firefox) i will be so happy

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I use Google Chrome so not sure how it would work on Firefox, but the installation guide has Firefox listed so it should work fine for you. Hope it goes well for you

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