Do over chance when putting kanji reading for vocab?

As KuroiTsuki said, you can give this script a try (as long as you’re careful not to abuse it)!
You can find it here:

This function is also available ton the Tsurukame app which you can find here:

I personally also ran into this issue a lot when I first started out, but I got used to it as I used wanikani more :slightly_smiling_face: If the ordering if troubling you, there’s also reorder scripts so you could order your reviews to do all kanji first, and then do vocab so that you don’t have to constantly switch in your head to remind yourself which one they’re asking for.

You can find it here:

Many of the issues and complaints you have with wanikani may be resolvable by using a script together with it, and I highly recommend you give it a try. Adding scripts is very simple and many other kind members have written thorough guides on how to add them as well!
Maybe give them all a look here? (there’s a guide at the top of the page)

Good luck!