Wk review batches and wrap up

Hello just wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction for scripts to improve the review page. I was wondering what script(s) there are for better “wrap up” and reviews in batches. The long list of scripts I read was hard to know if they do what I want. Is there a script for doing reviews in batches or an improved wrap up button that doesn’t allow cheating by only stopping when you complete 10. I have too many reviews to do in one sitting and I don’t want to cheat myself. The Flaming Durtles app does this but mobile is too slow/uncomfortable. Thanks in advance.

Can you explain more why you don’t want to use the default wrap up button? You’re saying it “cheats” you somehow? How?

I might be wrong, but if I see either the meaning/reading and miss it it gives you the answer so you can get it right next time. If the wrap up doesn’t finish that review the next time I do that review I know the answer and pass when I shouldn’t. If this isn’t how it works then I guess I just want a batch review script.

If you hit the wrap up button, any reviews that are incomplete will be finished in that final batch of 10. None will be left undone. So if you get one wrong, it will return before the batch ends and you’ll complete the review and the item will fall down in the SRS levels.


Thanks for explaining :slight_smile:

I made this script which let’s you choose a max number for your review sessions. I use it to do only 50 reviews in a sitting when I am behind on reviews