Visual Guide on How To Install A Userscript


  1. Before you start
  2. Install a user script
  3. Edit a user script
  4. Troubleshooting

1. Before you start

image Firefox users

1. Go to the Tampermonkey page of the Firefox Add-ons store and download the latest version of Tampermonkey. If this link doesn't work, go to the Firefox Add-ons store and search for 'Tampermonkey'.


  1. Make sure you see Tampermonkey when you click on ‘Extensions’ (this is the puzzle icon in the top right corner).

  1. When you click on ‘Tampermonkey’, it should say ‘enabled’ with a green checkmark at the top. This should be the default. If it isn’t, enable the extension by clicking ‘enabled’.

  2. Go to the next step.

Chrome users

1. Go to the Tampermonkey page on the Chrome Web Store and download the latest version of Tampermonkey. If this link doesn't work, go to Chrome Web Store and search for 'Tampermonkey'. Look under 'Extensions' for the correct link.

2. Click on 'Extensions' (the puzzle icon) in the top right corner and make sure you see Tampermonkey in the list of extensions

3. When you click on ‘Tampermonkey’, it should say ‘enabled’ with a green checkmark at the top. This should be the default. If it isn’t, enable the extension by clicking ‘enabled’.

4. Go to the next step.

Safari users

Note for Mac users: Tampermonkey on Mac is not free. The steps outlined below do not seem to be working on Mac and Tampermonkey has to be installed via the app store.

1. Go to and download the latest version of Tampermonkey. If this link doesn't work, go to and search for 'Tampermonkey'.

CHECKPOINT: make sure you see the Tampermonkey icon in the toolbar.

Mobile browsers

There are lists according to GreasyFork; but only some are tested to work.

Mobile (Android)

Mobile (iOS)

Selected browsers that are tested to work includes:

  • Android
    • Kiwi Browser + Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey
      • It has UserScript loading built-in, so may work natively.

Other browsers

1. Check if your browsers add-on store has Tampermonkey. If so, install it. There are no pictures for the 'others' category, sorry. It's probably very similar to how it's done with Firefox or Chrome, though, so check out those sections or ask for help below in case you get stuck.

2. If Tampermonkey is not available for your browser, a very similar program will probably exist, so don't worry. A possible alternative is Violentmonkey. There might be others out there too. Just google it!

Note: From here on out, the guide assumes you have installed Tampermonkey. If you have installed a different script manager, some actions might be different. Be aware of this.

2. Install a user script

1. Make sure you have installed a script manager like Tampermonkey. If not, go to the first section of this post.

2. The author of a user script will leave a link to download it in the OP (Original Post) of the thread.
This will usually be a link to On greasyfork, click 'Install this script'.

3. Confirm by clicking “Install” again.

That should do it! Time to test out your shiny new functionality!

If you have any problems with a user script not working, please make sure Tampermonkey and the user script are enabled (see General Troubleshooting for more info).

If the troubleshooting steps didn’t help, it’s possible the user script is broken. Ask for help on the forum thread dedicated to that user script. This will likely get you help a lot quicker. Beware though: some old user scripts might no longer be actively maintained.

3. Edit a user script (advanced users)

In most circumstances it should not be necessary to edit a user script.

However, sometimes the creator of a user script will highlight places in the script where the user can make changes to further customise it, or users with some programming knowledge might want to get a peek under the hood. No matter the reason, proceed at your own risk from here on out. If you make changes that break the script, you might have to reinstall it.

1. Go to ‘Dashboard’.


2. Click on the name of the script you want to edit.


3. Make edits.

4. To save the edited script: If you are old enough to know what a floppy disk is, click that icon. If not, see the image below (Note: image from earlier Tampermonkey version).
Or hit the “Ctrl+S” combo if you’re more of a keyboard warrior.


httpwwwiconsplacecomiconspreviewrederror-64png General troubleshooting

I installed a user script, but nothing happens!

Solution 1 - Is Tampermonkey enabled?

Be sure that Tampermonkey (or whatever script manager you have) is enabled.

Click on the ‘Extensions’ icon of your browser (as of writing, this is a ‘puzzle icon’) and click on ‘Tampermonkey’.

Then, make sure you see ‘enabled’ with a green checkmark at the top. If you see a red X instead, enable the extension by clicking ‘enabled’ again.

Solution 2 - Is the user script enabled?

After installing, the user script should be enabled by default. Perhaps you disabled it at some point? Whatever the case, you can check if a user script is enabled by going to the Tampermonkey Dashboard. Click the ‘Extensions’ icon (the puzzle icon), click on ‘Tampermonkey’, and then click on ‘Dashboard’.

Make sure the toggle in the ‘Enabled’ column is turned on for your user script.

Solution 3 - Does your script need the Wanikani Open Framework installed?

Some user scripts rely on another user script called the ‘Wanikani Open Framework’. It was created to simplify the development of complex user scripts. Any user script that uses this Framework should clearly state this in its installation instructions! Go have a look at that forum thread if you’re unsure.

For convenience, here are links to Installing Wanikani Open Framework and for developers, the Wanikani Open Framework [developer thread]

Solution 4 - Ask the creator for help

Not all user scripts work from the get-go. Sometimes, you need to enter your API key before the script can do its magic. Some scripts fetch the API key automatically after installing, and some don't. Or maybe the script is broken due to an update to Wanikani. Be sure to check the script's forum thread for more information and to ask for further support.

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Cassykins said... This is nice. You make nice things. 
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Thank you so much for this! I never understood how people used userscripts, and some of them look so cool and useful. Now I can be like all the other cool kids here at Wanikani! :slight_smile:



I discovered that you can make a clickable Table of Contents for a post by using html anchors.

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I am a complete newbie and this might be a stupid question. But is there any way to run user scripts on an iPad? Or an iOS app that’s equivalent to a reorder script?


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Who’s with me?

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as far as I know there isn’t a good way to run scripts in mobile browsers. These things are in development, but for either didn’t work or not reliably so.

Maybe one of the iOS apps has a reorder script built in. The Android one has it, so surely it is possible to do. I think it’s called AlliCrab. Copied from script list:

  • Mobile AlliCrab by cplaverty: features in-app reviews and lessons using an embedded web browser, ignore button, review timeline, notifications when reviews are available, 1Password support, “today” widget.

  • WaniKani for iOS by haawa: iOS app. features in-app reviews and lessons, lightning mode, ignore button, notifications when reviews are available, in-app browser, and lots more features

Userscript can be installed in Android (using Firefox + USI), but most of the userscipt aren’t working properly. So, better use an app.

Thank you

I found WaniKani for IOS app, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I am just getting a picture of an endlessly spinning dog :slight_smile: Well, back to doing wanikani without shortcuts.

I can’t help you with those apps. Any questions should be posted on their threads.

AlliCrab: [iOS] Mobile AlliCrab for WaniKani

WaniKani for iOS: New iOS app

You will also find further info and instructions on how to install there. I haven’t followed the iOS apps too closely but I’m fairly sure at least one of those two was still working a few months ago (think it was allicrab, could be both). Give those threads a look. Don’t give up!

I’m new be here and i wanted to try out the script.
I had access to this guide from “The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps”.

I’m on Firefox and the scripts didn’t worked for me as long as i used Greasemonkey.
But it did work with Tampermonkey.

Maybe there is an update to do on this guide for the sake of the firefox users.

There was a significant change in Firefox in November that required some changes in functionality in GreaseMonkey, which broke a lot of scripts. There hasn’t been a big effort to make scripts compatible with GM again since they all still work in TamperMonkey and ViolentMonkey, so a lot of people have simply switched to TM or VM.

@Mempo, would you be interested in converting the thread to a wiki so the community can maintain it in the long term? (or PMing Kristen if you don’t have access to grant wiki status?)

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Ask and ye shall receive

You can edit all you want now

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Thank you !
Then I’d like to edit the firefox guide and update it for TamperMonkey.
How can i edit this post ?
Do I need to be a granted or something ?

I think anyone can edit a wiki. Just go to the top post, click on the edit/pencil icon in the upper-right, then click Edit Wiki.

I don’t have it. Maybe because i havn’t paid yet. In that case, i’ll do that in than a week I guess.
I do have a pencil icon on the upper-right that shows me the history, but no Edit Wiki.
Also, I can see the pen to edit my own messages, not for the top post.