[Userscript] Transitivity Pair Information

What Is It?

This script adds a Transitivity Pair section to the lessons of verb vocabulary items based on the information gathered for this post. It’s highly recommended that you read through that post before using this script, or at least through the section titled “Transitivity Pair Types and Patterns”.

How To Install

How to Install TamperMonkey if you are new to userscripts

Download the Script Here ---------> Click Me


Currently the Transitivity Pair section lists:

  • The transitivity pair type of each verb pair or “No Pair” if there is no pair
  • The other verb in the pair and it’s transitivity
  • A brief description of the pattern each pair belongs to, and the resulting expected transitivity.
  • Indication of exceptions and special cases

To Note: Verbs are only listed as having a transitivity pair if the pair is taught by WaniKani. Verbs may be marked as having “No Pair” even if a pair exists elsewhere. Also, the exact distinction between what is and isn’t a transitivity pair is not perfectly objective. This script is essentially just a userscript version of this spreadsheet.


As of right now this script is pretty bare bones. I have plans to improve it as time and inspiration strike me. For now the features I plan to add (in order of priority):

  • Stats Section: A section with statistics about transitivity distribution with regards to pattern and okurigana. Details that might not be super relevant most of the time but interesting to some.
  • Improved Formatting: To make the presentation clearer and more interesting. An ongoing process.
  • Linguistics Information: Information about the etymology of the transitivity pairs, as much as can be guessed anyway.


This script takes heavy inspiration from nonymouse’s Rendaku Information script which gave me a good starting point to figure out what I was doing, although the code is all my own. Also this script makes heavy use of Sinyaven Item Info Injector. Thank you for your hard work in making it so easy to get userscripts like this up and running.

This is my first userscript and I managed to put it together fairly quickly. Thankfully I did all the hard work a couple of months ago. That being said, there’s undoubtedly a lot left to do. A lot of refactoring and bug fixing probably and a lot of choices that probably don’t work as well as I think they do. If you notice any bugs please let me know, I probably won’t be able to get to them quickly but I will try my best to get to them at some point. Hope you get some good use out of this script. Enjoy!


3/16/2024: Version 1.1 Fixed Pair Info not showing up in Reviews


You’re a god, thank you so much for making WK life with transitivity pairs easier for us! :heart:


I think I love you. This is great. I’m going to install this right now. I’m not sure how useful I’ll be in testing, but I will report back if anything interesting happens.


New update should fix the issue with info not showing up in Reviews. Clicking the download link again should let you update to the newest version. As always let me know if there are any bugs or issues.