[Userscript] SRS Counters

This script does one thing: add a UI element to the top-right corner of the reviews page that keeps track of how many review items are left, separated by SRS level in simple detail. The counter keeps up to date as review items are completed, and should be accurate even when used in conjunction with other userscripts that might reorder review items!

The feature is broken off from the original script that implemented it, so that it could be more generally useful to people and have an easier time being integrated with other userscripts. Going forward, development of this feature in Reorder Buttons will be frozen in favor of development in this standalone script!


Please reference the project homepage here on GitHub. It has way more detail and information about the userscript and its features!


  • Ensure you have some userscript engine installed – User Mempo has a great guide on this here
  • Install the WaniKani Open Framework (instructions here)
  • Click this link to open the script file and be prompted to install it

:warning: Note: ensure that the WaniKani OpenFramework userscript is set to load before this reorder script :warning:


Recommended Companion Scripts

Reporting Bugs

Please reference my userscript bug reporting guide for info on how to best report issues and bugs. It’s seriously helpful for myself in particular when trying to help resolve issues :pray:


SRS Counters in action

Settings panel overview