Anyone who use Wanikani on a PC

It incorporates some of the desktop scripts, so I would definitely recommend it over just using the website in Chrome.

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There’s also a script to make WK less colourful and look more professional and blend in with office work… XD

I don’t have a computer at work, but I found it amusing when I stumbled upon it.


I use both windows computer and Android. I prefer the pc over the phone. I tend to be able to do my reviews about twice as fast.

The scripts are very useful as well. I love the ultimate timeline to see what’s going on.

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On one hand, I can’t even use that at my job because the computer won’t let me use tampermonkey. On the other hand, I’m encouraged to learn Japanese during the day, so it’s not a big deal for people to see me on WK. :slight_smile:

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I’d probably use my computer (a PC) for Wanikani more if I could just figure out how to use the damn scripts. Sure, I could spend like 10 min Googling it and figure it out, but especially now that I’ve been using the Allicrab app, which has some script options built in, I never seem to get around to figuring out the scripts thing.

The main differences on PC vs iPhone for me are:

  • Convenience: phone is always with me, so I can do reviews whenever, pretty much wherever

  • Keyboard options: With a computer, I can type a lot faster (though I’ve added user synonyms for almost everything to accommodate phone use). However, with my phone, I have the option of using both English & Japanese keyboards – technically an option on computer, but impractical compared to how easy it is to switch back and forth on the phone.

  • Scripts: On my phone, the app allows me to use a few scripts, whereas (in theory) I could make full use of scripts on my computer. Reorder, in particular, being a option I’d love to have, and ought to look into again.

  • Appearance: Having gone almost a year accessing Wanikani entirely on iPhone, I was surprised at how huge and gaudy reviews looked on a computer screen (something I could also change with a script, of course). Maybe it’s just because of familiarity, but I still prefer the proportions/interface on the phone.

Btw, I previously accessed Wanikani on my phone through Safari, then switchd to the Allicrab app a couple months back; on my computer, I usually use Chrome. If that matters.

If you care to learn how to use scripts, Mempo has you covered.


I use PC and it all works just fine for me. I can’t compare though, because I don’t have a smartphone

Aaand bookmarked. Should’ve figured some helpful person had already done this! Yay. Thanks for letting me know.

As a mature age student, I don’t like tapping on a smartphone keyboard. Touch typing on a real keyboard is so much faster. The third party userscripts like ultimate timeline and ultimate re-order are only accessible on my computer.

However, when I am outdoors, riding on a train, waiting for a friend etc, the smartphone app is invaluable for keeping my reviews completed. I don’t want to come home to 100+ reviews, if I could have done them during the day. During ski season, I could ski and complete reviews by using my smartphone during gondola rides.


MacAir 11" because

1.1 kg, very portable
Touch typing
20+ userscripts

I use Safari.

I do both - I use Allicrab (iOS) when I’m out and about and my computer any other time. I get through reviews MUCH faster on a computer, and with a hell of a lot less typos

I use PC because I want to do my WK reviews in 60 fps


here :slight_smile: i use pc and phone app

Mouse control is just superior.

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I literally press “Win + Space” and I’m in the Japanese IME. After learning some basic commands, typing in Japanese on your PC is a breeze.

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PC, because as above… MUCH faster typing and LESS stupid typing mistakes (although I still make a lot of typing mistakes :triumph: sigh)

And when I’m on the train: ios browser. And… I make a lot of typing errors then…

I mostly use my phone with my keyboard cover addon, which makes reviews go much faster than with a software touch keyboard. Doing them on the PC takes about half as much time, but I’m rarely able to spend that much time sitting in front of my computer these days, and when I am, I’d rather be playing a game. It is more efficient for me to just do my reviews on my phone while I’m at work.

I use PC/Chromebook mainly but occasionally my phone/tablet. Walking to work using the phone is fraught with danger (mistypes, hitting enter instead of delete etc) but does speed things along.

I use my android phone. Not the app, but through the browser.

I use the PC for the userscrips, most importantly is the reorder script for lessons, so I can split my lessons by days and not slow down the level up process.

Of course I can’t carry my laptop everywhere so I use my phone for reviews.