Why is this wrong? This is seriously frustrating

Those are two possible readings for the kanji. Just put one of them.

Only type in one of the correct answers.
So either りょくor りき.

hahaha that’s funny


If you put two right answers they cancel each other and you get wrong answer. It’s basic math.


Yup, that happened to me too when I first started and I was raging about it.

This is funnily enough answered on the FAQs page for that exact example -

Why is my answer for 大 (たい, だい) or 力 (りき, りょく) being marked as incorrect? I’m putting in the right answer!

You’ll want to put in just one of the answers, not both. Some items have a lot of answers, and we don’t want to encourage people to spend thirty seconds typing.

Check out the FAQ’s page for other problems you might see under "Common First-Level “Problems”:


It wouldn’t be hard to implement a little notification. Like how it shakes and says “WaniKani is looking to the on’yomi”, or whatever is says. WK could very easily make another to say “We only want one, take your pick”.


Why isn’t my answer for 生 being accepted?! I wrote せい、しょう、い、う、き、は、なま、な、む、お!


It would be nice if WK allowed every answer. “Pick one, or list them all” kind of thing so it doesn’t get too complicated (pick 2 answers out of 3, etc). I would probably force myself to learn them all if they allowed multiple answers and I’d be better for it.


To help mitigate issues like this in the future, and especially for typos, I recommend this userscript for OP.

And since OP is Level 1, I’ll just assume you don’t know how to use userscripts so I’ll also give you this link:

Could always try your hand at writing a userscript :wink:

I’m a dba, Javascript is my sworn enemy >.>

I’m not a dba… why is JS your sworn enemy?
(I have no dog in this hunt. I’m just curious about your perspective.)

ehh not necessarily, especially considering they’d have to check for all possible orders of answers (りょく、りき vs りき、りょく) and check for various ways people might decide to separate the two (spaces, commas, slashes, etc) … seems like a lot of trouble for the WK team when people could just read the FAQ and move on


Especially as a beginner, you should have read the FAQ/About section and ideally searched for similar topics before posting a new thread. Heck, I find that 95% of the random questions I think of have already been answered once I spend a few moments using google.

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It’s annoying at first but once you get used to how WK works it’s not so bad.

Jesus christ. Thank you all, appreciate it. Yeah they are different readings not the whole as I was thinking. I did a dumb.


I did the same thing with the same kanji when I first started… it get’s easier with use.

I thought this was a joke for a sec.

guess I’ve been on the Destiny Forums for too long again

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